The Taqueria Factory

Serving Authentic and Delicious Mexican Food

Flavorful pastor pork made from an ancient Mexican recipe that includes 13 ingredients. Marinated birria beef stew that is as tender as it is delicious. Handcrafted specialty alcoholic beverages crafted from fresh fruits.

These are just a few of the many menu items that are available at the Taqueria Factory.

Co-owners Gamaliel and Maria E. Garfio opened the Taqueria Factory in June 2022.

The husband and wife run the restaurant with the help of their son, Fernando, and their Aunt Rosa Garfio, who specializes in making the authentic birria.

As Gamaliel notes, the four family members collaborated to create the authentic, made-from-scratch menu they serve to their customers.

“All of our dishes are inspired by generations of our family of foodies’ recipes,” Gamaliel says, adding that he and Maria decided to open the Taqueria Factory because they wanted to bring authentic Mexican food to Chandler.

“My wife was born in Jalisco, Mexico, and brought with her the amazing cooking techniques that she applies to several of our dishes, as she’s an excellent cook. I was born in Sinaloa, Mexico, which is a state known for its delicious and vast gastronomy techniques,” Gamaliel says.

In addition to birria and pastor—which is marinated for over 24 hours and then placed in a “Trompo”-style rotisserie—the Taqueria Factory also offers carne asada, seasoned grilled chicken, and shrimp with vegetables.

These meats can be served in tacos, quesadillas, burritos, nachos supreme, birria ramen, and catering taco packages.

To wash down the delicious food, Gamaliel says his son Fernando’s curated alcoholic drinks are already popular with customers.

“In our family, he is known as ‘The Michelada Man’ due to his tasty combination of ingredients that made his Micheladas the party favorites,” Gamaliel says, adding that customers can choose from the Classic 16-ounce Michelada and the Tóxica 20-ounce Michelada garnished with fresh fruit.  

“Also, it will be difficult to find a better margarita, as ours are made in collaboration with our sister restaurant, Frutilandia, using homemade real fruit syrups.”

Gamaliel and Maria opened Frutilandia 17 years ago, and now have 10 locations across Arizona, along with franchise opportunities. Frutilandia specializes in handcrafted frozen drinks made from homemade syrups, along with Thrifty ice cream and other sweet-tasting treats.

“We felt a concept with more savory dishes would complement Frutilandia favorably,” Gamaliel says. 

Gamaliel says he and his family feel “truly blessed” by the positive response to Taqueria Factory.

“We knew that by offering authentic, made-from-scratch, high-quality Mexican dishes, people would respond well to this type of concept, and we weren’t wrong in that assumption,” Gamaliel says, adding that they already need to add 50 more seats to their 75-seat dining room.

As Gamaliel notes, the Taqueria Factory’s success is due to a combination of factors, including the fact that they prepare everything from scratch; their relentless passion for freshness, authenticity, and quality; as well as preparing food with traditional recipes and old-fashioned cooking techniques.

“Every day we meet new people who are excited to visit us, and most were referred by their friends and family who felt they had to try this much-anticipated Mexican food taco shop.” 


55 E. Ray Road


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