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Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley

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The Tastes of Summer

During the summer, dining at great restaurants in Houston is like embarking on a delectable culinary vacation.

Houston is a culinary haven yearound, but during the summer the city's vibrant restaurant scene offers various options to indulge in diverse international flavors. This season, dining at great restaurants in Houston is like embarking on a delectable culinary vacation.

Houston is a melting pot of gastronomic delights, with numerous eateries representing cuisines worldwide. From savoring well-spiced Korean barbeque to relishing authentic Tex-Mex or indulging in delicious Italian pastas, the city's restaurants offer a delightful adventure for food enthusiasts.

Don’t forget about Houston’s abundant patio dining and rooftop venues that provide a pleasant ambiance to enjoy your meals while soaking up the sun or enjoying a meal at sunset. 


Bari Ristorante

Bari Ristorante, nestled in Houston's River Oaks District, epitomizes the essence of classic Italian cuisine, ranging from mountain-inspired delicacies to coastal delights. This recent addition prides itself on signature dishes that draw inspiration from renowned Italian cities and resorts, brought to life using imported fresh produce and locally sourced seasonal ingredients. The menu showcases the best housemade pasta, starring in dishes like Spaghetti Pomodoro e Basilico, Tagliatelle Carbonara, and the lunch-exclusive Orecchiette Bari. Certified Master Italian Chef Pirro, with experience spanning Italy and the U.S., skillfully curates an Italian-focused menu with elegantly presented dishes. Bari offers a luxurious all-day dining experience, be it a leisurely alfresco luncheon, cocktails, dinner, or a cozy nightcap. The interiors combine striking masculine and feminine elements, captivating guests with warm hues, exquisite lighting, and stunning finishes.

Eau Tour  

Benjy Levit, well-known for Local Foods, Local Foods Market, and Lees Den, recently opened Eau Tour, a charming community bistro. This fresh culinary concept in Rice Village showcases contemporary French cuisine, emphasizing lighter dishes. Central to the menu is a wood-burning Josper oven, lending a delightful seafood focus, complemented by an extensive selection of wines and craft cocktails. At the helm in the kitchen is esteemed executive chef Kent Domas, known for his notable contributions at The Classic, Alice Blue, and Bernadine's. Eau Tour's wine program boasts a thoughtfully curated collection featuring both traditional and avant-garde producers from France and American wines influenced by French sensibilities. The intimate ambiance, designed by Garnish Design, exudes art deco flair, accentuated by vibrant hues and whimsical vintage light fixtures.

Hongdae 33 Korean BBQ 

Renowned restaurateurs Grace and Leo Xia, known for their popular Houston establishment Duck N Bao, have unveiled their latest venture, Hongdae 33 Korean BBQ. Offering excellent all-you-can-eat Korean barbecue alongside a focused soju-centric beverage program, Hongdae 33 aims to create an electric, neon-washed party atmosphere for late-night gatherings. The Xias bring a modern touch to tradition, curating a menu of high-quality ingredients at an inviting price point. Guests can indulge in the tableside grilling of USDA Prime meats like galbi, brisket, and marinated cuts, accompanied by an assortment of seafood options. Premium selections, including American Wagyu beef, elevate the experience. The all-inclusive menu features house-prepared banchan, kimchi, and japchae, and appetizers like seafood pancakes and spicy rice cake skewers.

Mandito’s Tex-Mex

The Palacios Murphy Hospitality Group recently opened Mandito's Tex-Mex in Bellaire. The restaurant offers elevated cuisine in a welcoming and casual atmosphere. Created by the team behind Armandos and Lulu's restaurants and the original Round Top Mandito's location, the restaurant pays homage to the owner's childhood heritage blending Mexican and Texan cultures. The vibrant interior features colorful decor, hand-painted straw light fixtures, and artistic prints. The menu includes traditional Tex-Mex favorites, plant-based options, and a robust catering program. Guests can enjoy margaritas, cocktails, and a variety of agave spirits. Technological elements, such as a digital waitlist, enhance the guest experience.

Dante’s River Oaks 

Dante's River Oaks features modern Italian dishes and aperitifs, capturing the essence of "la dolce vita." Restaurateur Brian Doke's passion for Italian cuisine led to this venture, inspired by the charm of the tucked-away location, while Chef Ilas Gugole, trained in Verona, brings his expertise to Dante's. The menu includes shareable starters, regional salads, a variety of pasta dishes, and rotating seafood and meat options. The wine and cocktail selections are authentic, showcasing Italian wines and signature drinks. Dante's will offer monthly tasting menus and special promotions, providing unique experiences for guests.

Ojo de Agua

River Oaks District recently added another restaurant to its already impressive roster of eateries. Ojo de Agua is a vibrant restaurant known for its diverse menu of delicious dishes, refreshing juices, and quick service. With a boho-chic atmosphere, it offers an elaborate juice bar serving fresh juices and smoothies packed with immunity-boosting, energizing, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Their menu features nutritious options with bold flavors, including the signature Acai Bowl, Chilaquiles, Chutney Mango Chicken Sandwich, and Pesto Bowl. Tacos like Ribeye, Lobster, and Salmon showcase authentic Mexican flavors. The beverage program includes wine-based fruit cocktails and refreshing Micheladas.


Talented restaurateurs Philippe Schmit and Sébastien Laval have made a lasting impression on Houston's culinary landscape with their unique style over the past 20 years. Originally from France, the pair now serve a mouth-watering array of French-inspired faire at their newest venture, PS-21. Guests can indulge in stand out dishes such as grilled codfish brandade with focaccia, savory tarte flambée, creamy lobster bisque, classic steak frites, and hearty bouillabaisse. For the perfect pairing, savor these delicacies with a handpicked selection from their 50-label, French-only wine list or French-inspired cocktail menu. Notably, The Paris – a take on the French 75, is served with a mini house-made lemon macaron.

  • Mean Left Hook cocktail. Photo by Jenn Duncan.
  • Galbi Pork Belly and Spicy Gangnam Chicken on Grill. Photo by Jenn Duncan
  • Photo by Mackenzie Smith Kelley
  • Pineapple Carpaccio. Photo courtesy of PS 21
  • Spaghetti alle Vongole with Cherrystone clams and tomato confit. Photo by Debora Smail
  • Acai Bowl. Photo by Jennifer Hasbun
  • Rigatoni cacio e pepe. Photo by Bear Media Co.