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The ABCs of Fun

Every adult remembers this childhood favorite: the hard plastic magnetic letters that adorned the door of the refrigerator. You would spell all kinds of words (sometimes naughty ones) or leave little messages for your parents or siblings. They were a fun way of learning and communicating with others. Now, the Type Set Co., a Buckhead-based brand has given that childhood classic a facelift.

After watching her young son and their adult friends get so much use and joy out of the classic toy, Ashley Jankowski knew she could reimagine this favorite kitchen accompaniment for the modern home. She thought it would be fun to change out the colors as seasons changed and wanted to make the design a little more sophisticated so that it tied in with her home decor. So, along with her husband Paul, Ashley launched into research and development. They used a 3D printer to help them determine the best size and scale for letters and built their own prototype boards. Soon after, The Type Set Co. was born.

The duo thoughtfully designed and crafted a new kind of magnetic letter with accompanying magnetic boards. Their products are made for the style-conscious adult while still being a colorful and engaging toy for children. Their elevated magnetic letters and boards can be used for everything from quotes and sentiments to reminders and lists. Five and a half years later, this husband and wife team continues to bring a wide variety of modern magnetic letters for adults and children to homes everywhere!

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