The Unexpected Wood Workers

Woodland Marketplace Proves the Future is Female

Article by Rachel Hawley

Photography by Lillian Lens Photography

Originally published in Greeley Lifestyle

Barnwood is no longer just for the gents!  These powerful ladies have helped the Woodland Marketplace team carve through the industry.  The unique qualities of Woodland custom woodwork designs are certainly a team effort, however, having this group of detail-oriented minds on board means the absolute best result for clients.   Sarah Woodland explains, “Trinity, marketing manager, is wonderful at marketing our material and work.  Andrea, in-house designer, helps clients visualize beautiful spaces.  Lauran, finish carpenter, helps to ensure that product installation is as seamless and beautiful as possible.  We have women involved in virtually every aspect of a project and our result is often better for it.”

Female finish carpenters may be a rarity but Lauran Bryant most definitely holds her own.  “The looks I get from other male contractors?  They usually do a double-take!”  Well, we say get used to it gents, this team isn’t going anywhere! 

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