Meet The Vanzants

Interior design, custom closets, and equestrian dreams blend beautifully to create an enriching family life.

The Vanzants have lived in Fayette County for the past 25 years, and while it was happenstance that Fayette County became their landing place, Jameson, Hope, and Ella Vanzant couldn’t be happier. Hope grew up in Marietta and while in college decided to purchase her first home in Fayette County. She finished design school and then started her design business, as well as her cabinet business in Fayette County. Hope’s business, HMS Designs, has two facets. As a full-scale interior designer, she does a significant number of kitchen and bath remodeling and new construction.

Jameson, originally from North Carolina, created Custom Closets of Georgia soon after he and Hope married in 2009. According to her, “It was a perfect transition from the cabinet side to the closet side. It is not unusual for the two businesses to share clients. I might get a call for a master bathroom remodel, and when I go meet with the client about the design and the cabinetry, it then turns into, ‘Oh, well we need a custom closet as well.’" The same is true in the event someone needs a kitchen remodel and they also need a custom pantry and laundry room. “It really does fit hand-in-hand.”

With locally owned and operated businesses, both Hope and Jameson are immersed in the community and enjoy highlighting other local businesses through their work and interests. They partner with local companies like DeBeer Granite & Marble, Ferguson, and Southside Lighting. “We’ve aligned ourselves with other companies in Fayette County to allow them to showcase their products in our showroom as well.”

What distinguishes HMS Designs from other design companies is Hope. “My design business is me, so when somebody calls HMS Designs they are going to work with me directly on the project from start to finish. My expertise, my interior design background, and the extensive amount of work I’ve done in this area, I have a huge following with my clientele.” Hope loves what she does. “There are some clients who know exactly what they want and I am happy to provide them with exactly what they are looking for.” She also enjoys clients who need a lot more direction and assistance with their vision. A designer at heart, Hope shares her creativity, passion and expertise with every client she works with.

Jameson's company is in the business of, “Organizing Your Life”. Custom Closets of Georgia is independent and family-owned. They stock materials and pride themselves on being price-competitive in the market. The resources and materials they have available make it feasible to provide a quick turnaround for clients, which is difficult post-COVID. “It doesn’t happen very often that you can meet with someone and have a closet installed the next day.” The company has invested in a solid infrastructure as it relates to materials and labor. Through Custom Closets of Georgia you can expect a lifetime warranty on the product.

The youngest member of the Vanzant family has a passion of her own. According to Hope, “Ella loves to ride horses and she is very serious about it.” From the moment she went to horse camp in 2021, the family never looked back. Three months into lessons, mom and dad realized Ella had a real talent for riding. Her trainer suggested it was time to get Ella a horse, and it wasn’t long before Malibu, her first pony, was introduced. They did a few shows together before Malibu got hurt. Malibu is still with the family and they have Cookie now (cover). “Ella has really grown as a rider on Cookie. She’s gained a lot of confidence and does extremely well at the shows. Ella has moved up from regular schooling shows to A-rated shows. Every time she competes she wins either reserve champion or grand champion on Cookie. Now it is time for her to move on to a horse that can take her to the next level.”

It’s been two years since 10-year old Ella began riding. “I’ve always loved horses since I was little. I’d always wanted a horse, and horses have always been my thing. It feels like it’s meant for me. I really like it.” Disney’s Fort Wilderness was Ella’s first introduction to horses, where she had the opportunity to ride the retired ponies. Her parents agree, “Ella just glowed when she was riding the ponies.” Horse camp at 8 years old really perpetuated her desire to ride. Hope feels certain, “One of the very first words Ella ever spoke was 'horse'.”

Riding well is hard work and takes a great deal of effort. Ella's advice for young people interested in riding, “It’s definitely an emotional sport. You will have your good and bad days. In every rider’s career, they will fall off. They will get hurt. But it’s worth it. You create an emotional bond with the horses.”

The Vanzant family is blessed and they have support to balance their busy lifestyle. They spare no expense of time when it comes to encouraging and supporting Ella, who takes riding seriously while running very successful businesses. Ella’s favorite time is when the entire family spends time at the barn — her favorite place to be just about every day of the week. “There’s no other place Ella would rather be, and that’s where we enjoy being as a family to support her and encourage her and guide her through her equestrian dreams.”

“There’s no other place Ella would rather be, and that’s where we enjoy being as a family to support her equestrian dreams.”

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