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The Versitility of Leather

NashCo Furniture talks trends in home furnishings

This month, Brentwood Lifestyle stopped in at locally owned and operated NashCo Furniture.  We sat down (on a nice leather sofa) with the owner, Anthony Moore, to get an inside look at the latest and greatest in leather furniture.

What are the most popular leather hues?  First of all, each leather is slightly different in tone, texture, and hue, which sets it apart from fabric. Most leathers have variations in color that are unique to each piece, which gives it the distinction that leather seekers are looking for! 

Variations of brown still have a foothold in the leather category.  There has been a major uptick in lighter browns, camel or chestnut colors. 

Can leather compliment other fabrics when designing a room?  Leather is a great statement piece.  Great additions to your design are an accent chair, ottoman, rug, or tables.  Each of those things will incorporate well with a statement leather piece of furniture.  There are so many colors and textures you can use to complement a leather piece to finish a room. 

Can leather be used in traditional, modern, contemporary, and rustic homes?  There are so many different styles that a good leather piece can go with.  Leather typically takes on a traditional feel.  We work with our leather supplier that provides great frames with supreme leather applications.  The variety of frames available can work in any environment, whether it is a downtown condo or a family home in suburbia. 

Can leather be used in both casual and formal spaces, and how?-  Leather can be used in any setting.  Formal settings can have a traditional chesterfield sofa, or what I think of as the “cigar room” or lounge sofa.  Casual settings call for sofas built with comfort and style in mind.

What accents would you recommend using with a leather couch or seating area?  Accent pillows, throws, and accent chairs make a world of difference for leather sofas.  Bring out the personality of the sofas by putting together the right accents to draw out the emotions from a leather sofa.

How does the lifespan of a leather couch or furniture piece compare to the lifetime of fabric/upholstered furniture?  On top of being more durable than fabric upholstery, leather not only stands the test of time because of its durability, it also can stand the test of time because style trends do not change nearly as much in the leather category.  In the 12 years I have been in the industry, I have seen brown upholstery dominate the industry, then colors like red and sage take over, that moved to grays and now beiges being the biggest player in the industry.  Leather 12 years ago was dominated by browns and leathers today are dominated by brown.  Some frames like the chesterfield have been in the marketplace for decades, others have evolved but will most likely be around for years to come!  Good leathers are a sign of quality and longevity.