The Vikings Table: One Healthy Meal at a Time

Feeding Dreams, Fueling Hope: How the Minnesota Vikings Foundation's 'Vikings Table' Transforms Lives Through Nutrition and Community

The Vikings Table: Nourishing Communities One Healthy Meal at a Time

The Minnesota Vikings, renowned for their passionate fan base and commitment to their communities, have found a remarkable way to express their gratitude. The MN Vikings Foundation, under the guidance of Executive Director Brett Taber, has taken an inspiring journey with its "Vikings Table" initiative. This program symbolizes the Vikings' unwavering dedication to giving back to the people of Minnesota by providing nutritious meals to disadvantaged children.

Transforming Community Service: A New Approach

Several years ago, the MN Vikings Foundation decided to strengthen its community outreach efforts. The team, named after the entire state rather than a specific city, recognizes the community's vital role in the sport. They transformed their approach from being a grant-making entity to becoming a direct-service provider. 

This transformation was driven by a stark realization: the current generation of children aged six to sixteen faces the grim prospect of a lower life expectancy than previous generations, largely due to poor nutrition and childhood obesity. To compound the issue, Minnesota ranks highest in educational opportunity gaps for children of color.

The Dual Mission: Vikings Table and Vikings Voyage

To tackle these pressing challenges, the foundation embarked on a two-pronged mission. First, the Vikings Table was established in partnership with Xcel Energy to provide healthy meals to needy children. Second, the Vikings Voyage program was launched to offer children opportunities to visit U.S. Bank Stadium, engage with STEM concepts, and find inspiration for their future careers.

Dignity on the Plate: Nutrition with Flair

"The Vikings Table is about more than a plate of rice and beans," Taber emphasized. "Our goal is to serve food with dignity, introducing chef-created menu items that broaden young palates and excite them about healthy options." Disadvantaged children often lack access to nutritious foods, but through Vikings Table, they discover delicious and nutrition-packed options like zucchini noodles and blue corn tortillas. Even fresh fruits like pineapple get a tasty twist with fresh mint.

Community Engagement: How Fans Can Participate

Taber has good news for Vikings fans and communities eager to experience what Vikings Table offers. The Vikings Table food truck is present at all home games, where fans can enjoy tailgating favorites. You can also find the truck at various food truck festivals across the state.

What's more, all profits from these sales contribute to the noble cause of feeding children across Minnesota. The foundation extends its reach by partnering with various non-profits that serve youth, including the Boys & Girls Club, after-school programs, the Sanneh Foundation, 360 Communities, the Open Door Pantry, and transitional programs.

A Stark Reality: Childhood Hunger and Health

The statistics are sobering: approximately 250,000 children in our communities go without meals during the summer months, and this generation faces the distressing prospect of a shorter life expectancy due to physical inactivity and poor nutrition. The Minnesota Vikings Foundation views Vikings Table as a unique way to leverage the Vikings' brand to address childhood hunger in our community directly.

A Foundation's Commitment: From Inception to Present

The Vikings Foundation's commitment to combating food insecurity dates back to the launch of the Vikings Table food truck program in 2019. In the face of COVID-19 and recent tragedies, their support for racial equity and social justice has grown stronger. Vikings Table has stepped up by distributing more free, healthy meals to disproportionately impacted communities.

A Platform for Positive Change

When asked what drives him in his role with the beloved football team, Taber responded, "The thing that makes sports unique is that it is a platform to change people’s lives. I get to work each day and translate that passion for our football team into something good for the communities we serve."

In conclusion, the Minnesota Vikings Foundation's Vikings Table is not just about serving meals; it's about serving hope, nourishing dreams, and embodying the spirit of gratitude towards the fans and communities that make the Vikings more than just a football team—they make them a force for positive change in Minnesota.

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