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Why the Right Floors Make a Difference in How Your House Feels

Your floors set the tone for your home. Consider: They welcome people inside, guide them to the kitchen, elevate the mood in the living room and create a cozy environment in the bedroom. Often the unsung heroes of residential décor, well-selected floors can enhance the environment of your living space.

“Selecting the right floor for your lifestyle and the specific room is key,” says Steven Dipollina, owner of Floor Coverings International of Somerset, who operates a mobile showroom that allows him to bring over 3,000 flooring options directly to clients’ homes. 

Hardwood is the most popular product — but it’s not for every home. “People find hardwood beautiful and since it’s considered a permanent floor, it adds value. However, it is not as resilient to water and scuffs as other products,” he says. “If you want a wood look for an area where there might be moisture or high traffic, consider luxury vinyl or laminate products, which give the best of both worlds: They have a realistic wood look and are resilient, resist scuffs and, depending on the product you select, can be moisture- and water-resistant.” In addition, these products are more budget-friendly than hardwood and are easy to install over an existing floor.

If you are looking to add value to your home with a permanent floor that is waterproof and durable, check out tile options. “You would not select tile in an area where children are going to be actively playing, but it is great in high traffic areas like the entry way, kitchen and bathroom,” Dipollina says. “Since tile is hard and cold, you might consider radiant heat flooring.”

Alternatively, you can opt for a warm, soft and cozy feel underfoot with carpet. “Carpet offers so many colors and styles,” he says. “People worry about carpets getting dirty, but that is not necessarily true. Many are stain-resistant and can be cleaned multiple times without ruining the product. Homeowners just need to be vigilant and maintain their carpets.”

It depends on your preference, of course. Dipollina is seeing some clients replacing existing carpet with hard surfaces, even in bedrooms. “For example, they want to run the hardwood, vinyl or laminate from the hallway into the bedroom,” he says. “If you want to soften the look in the bedroom, you can add an area rug on top of the hard surface.”

Once you have your floors installed, proper maintenance will keep them looking their best. Dipollina recommends using cleaners specific to hardwood to maintain their luster. Carpets should be regularly vacuumed and can be steam cleaned as needed to remove stains. Maintenance of laminates and vinyl depends on the product. “You can use wet mops or steam mops on some, and you can also sweep and use spray cleaners,” he says. 

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What to Consider When Selecting Flooring

Style of Home The floor type and design should integrate with the décor and architecture. 

Lifestyle Do you have an active lifestyle with children and pets or is there less foot traffic? 

Location Are you looking for flooring in a high-traffic area like a kitchen or a quieter space, like a bedroom?

Flexibility If you like the hardwood look, but cannot have real hardwood, select an alternative that works with your lifestyle that has a similar aesthetic. 

Cost You can often get the look you want at an affordable price. 

  • Steven Dipollina, owner of Floor Coverings International of Somerset
  • Steven Dipollina, owner of Floor Coverings International of Somerset