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An Inside Look Into Bowen Bootwear

Dustin Bowen, the creative force behind Bowen Bootwear, has made quite the name for himself, and he’s leaving his mark in the custom boot industry- one stride at a time.

Dustin's career began in music, but it was during his college years, while working at a local boot store for some extra cash, that he discovered his love for boots. While on tour, he would scour thrift stores, hunting for old boots, and then lovingly restore them to their former glory. From the confines of his tour van, he sold these refurbished beauties, developing his love for fashion. Music began to take a backseat as boots became his ultimate passion.

Dustin landed his first full-time role in fashion with the luxury brand Lucchese, a place where he honed his skills and developed his signature style. Combining fashion-forward designs with a hint of edge and rock-and-roll, his creations have captivated the imagination of everyone who has laid eyes on them.

Using Instagram, Dustin showcased his unique creations, causing his popularity to skyrocket. A serendipitous moment took place when Dustin toured a corner space in the Fairlane Hotel. Although the plan did not materialize, the vision of that space lingered in his mind, becoming a seed of inspiration for his future endeavors.

Driven by an innate desire to pursue his path, Dustin bid farewell to Lucchese and embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. Opening a shop was not initially on his agenda, as he had grown weary of the retail grind. However, the universe had other plans.

After taking a break to reset his creative mindset, Bowen Bootwear was born out of Dustin's bedroom in the Nations neighborhood of Nashville, where he embraced a unique approach and offered house calls to his customers. Doing so, he was able to gather inspiration from each encounter to build a customer-centric experience. The humble beginnings of his business led to an unexpected fitting in the lobby of the Thompson Hotel, marking the start of something extraordinary. “When I brought Bowen Bootwear to life, it was my way to showcase my creativity by offering my clients the ability to hand select how they want their boots to feel from start to finish," says Dustin.

Fast forward to the present, and Bowen Bootwear has become an iconic brand, with over 300 pairs of boots crafted in the year 2022 alone. Celebrities, locals, and fashion-forward individuals from around the globe clamor for Dustin's custom creations. While his primary focus remains on bespoke footwear, he also has limited edition lines and plans to develop stock lines to have on hand in his storefront at all times.

Meticulous in his craft, sourcing only the finest leathers from the United States and Italy, Dustin believes in educating his peers about the true essence of quality when it comes to leather and craftsmanship.

As the brand evolves, Dustin aims to expand his repertoire by creating everyday shoes and accessories. He understands that not everyone is a die-hard boot enthusiast, and he strives to cater to the diverse needs of his discerning clientele. “I've gotten some feedback about just making boots, so I am going to start offering every day shoes so that if you aren't a boot lover, we can still offer you something that you love," says Dustin.

For Dustin Bowen, Bowen Bootwear is more than just a brand; it's a testament to his unwavering passion and dedication. Each pair of boots tells a story, blending fashion, comfort, and edge. When it comes to style, Dustin Bowen is the ultimate maestro.

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