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These Hands

Whether young, old, wrinkled, smooth, spotted, or flawless, hands take us where we want to go

I love looking at hands and thinking what they’ve done for us throughout our lives.  These hands have lovingly cared for babies and the elderly. They’ve dug in the dirt to prepare a garden to feed their families, wrapped around a hoe to fight the weeds, pulled the bounty when ready and shelled many peas, snapped many beans and shucked more corn that they care to recall. These hands have prepared that bounty to store it up for the winter and cooked many delicious meals to feed their family and friends. These hands have tossed feed to chickens, maybe milked a cow, loved on a sweet kitty or doggy, nursed a sick animal back to health. These hands have been adorned with rings of many gems, most importantly their wedding rings placed on them by the love of their life. They’ve clapped together to applaud a great performance, a game won by their children, grands, friends or favorite sports team, a great accomplishment of a co-worker. They’ve washed lots of dishes, clothes, toilets and sweet babies. These hands have been raised in church to glorify the Lord and praise Him, held a hymnal and opened many Bibles to read His Word. They’ve wrapped around a steering wheel to drive a friend to a doctor’s appointment, a child to the ER, to pickup a friend or family at the airport anxiously awaiting getting to see them once again. These hands have touched, patted a back and been part of hugs to comfort others. They’ve written sweet letters to loved ones, cards to brighten a day, thank you notes for kindness shown, maybe even a book. Look at your hands...pause to remember some of the great things your hands have done. Whether young, old, wrinkled, smooth, spotted, or flawless, hands take us where we want to go.