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The Best One-hour Workout in the Country

Every era is defined by its own fitness culture and fads. The ’70s brought in a high-intensity form of exercise called Jazzercise. The ’80s were all about the Jane Fonda infused aerobics craze. In the ’90s Tae Bo moved to the forefront and everyone was putting on their boxing gloves. In the early 2000s Zumba emerged as a Latin-inspired workout and in 2010 CrossFit took center stage. 

It was around that same time that Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) co-founder, Ellen Latham, realized that none of these existing workouts had all of the fat-blasting elements that her clients wanted. She opened up Ellen’s Ultimate Workout in Fort Lauderdale, FL and pretty soon lines were forming out the door. From that experience, the idea for OTF was born.  

With over 1600 franchises awarded, OTF is the fastest-growing franchise in the world. Mark Livolsi, owner of both the Bedminster and Somerville OTF studios, realized this was something he needed to become a part of; but, interestingly enough, health and fitness were not always his primary calling. 

Mark attended Trenton State College and began a career as a graphic designer, which eventually led him to the Sigma Group. 16 years later, Mark unexpectedly found himself downsized out of his company. As he began searching for his next career move, he realized that he craved stability, which attracted him to the idea of opening up a franchise. 

“I needed to do something for myself,” says Mark.

He attended a franchise expo. Disappointed by the options in front of him, Mark was about to leave when he saw the OTF booth.  

“It was the orange color that stood out to me, and I gravitated towards it,” says Mark.

Having always been a self-described gym rat, opening a boutique, fitness studio seemed like a perfect fit. Mark tried a class at an existing studio and was immediately hooked. 

“When you leave Orangetheory, there is a feeling of accomplishment. Your endorphins kick in and you start to wonder when you can take the next class,” says Mark. 

In 2016 he opened his first studio in Bedminster and in 2019 expanded to the Somerville location. 

The classes at OTF are an hour-long, fusing together various modes of cardio with strength, plyometrics and free weights. Mark believes there are five main factors that differentiate OTF from the big box gyms.

1. OTF combines cardiovascular conditioning and strength training 

An OTF class is broken into intervals of cardiovascular conditioning and strength training. Backed by the science of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC), their heart-rate-monitored training is designed to maintain a target zone that stimulates metabolism and increases energy.

2. OTF is made for those who don’t always feel motivated

“Our coaches are what set us apart,” says Mark. 

Because the class size is small, the coaches are able to spend time correcting form and can work with every single member. Clients get the benefit of personal training along with the energy of group training.

3. OTF is easy to fit into your schedule

Classes begin as early as 5 A.M. and run as late as 7:30 P.M. This is not only perfect for the busy mom who needs to drop her kids off at school, but also for the corporate tycoon who needs to destress before encountering more stress in the office! OTF can fit into anyone’s schedule.

4. OTF gives you lasting results

At the end of each class, a performance summary is emailed to each member, making it easy to track progress. Members keep coming back to OTF because they aren’t plateauing and continue to see the benefits.   

5. No matter the goal, OTF provides benefits for all ages and skill levels

“We have members as young as 14-years old come to our studios because they are training for a sport,” says Mark.

Each workout is unique and includes endurance, strength, and power. The heart-rate-based monitoring system allows everyone to work at their own level and pace for the entire workout.

“Being a part of Orangetheory is a tremendous experience,” says Mark. “It’s something really special. When I think about Orangetheory, the words ‘extraordinary, enjoyable, and rewarding’ come to mind.”

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