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Creating a Plan for Life

The fall and winter is a beautiful time here in Connecticut. The air gets high, clear and fresh, and the leaves are changing and remind us of all the beautiful colors nature has to offer.  Eventually, they release from the trees and give us a clear view of the open sky. With the arrival of winter comes coziness and soft snow that quiets the landscape down.

After a long and warm summer, the body and mind are ready to transition into a different more energetic mode. The lower temperatures encourage us to get more creative, make plans and take action.

This is a great opportunity to allocate time to reflect over the year that went by. What went well? What do I need to celebrate? What did I learn? With wisdom from the past, we can set new and better goals. When we stop and reflect, we give ourselves the chance to learn, change and do better. 

When creating a plan, it’s efficient to follow a proven model or recipe. The SPIRE model works for me. SPIRE well-being is based on positive psychology and considers the whole person. It encompasses spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional well-being. By taking the whole into account, the greater well-being can be realized. 

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

Spiritual well-being: What gives me meaning and purpose? What values drive my actions?

Physical well-being: How do I cultivate positive regard for my body, treating it well and being aware of the innate ability of the body to affect the mind?

Intellectual well-being: What are the ways I stretch, grow and challenge my mind by cultivating creativity and fostering the love of learning?

Relational well-being: How do I contribute to and benefit from the people around me? What are the ways I foster a healthy relationship with myself?

Emotional well-being: How can I increase pleasurable emotions and cultivate resilience to deal with painful emotions?

“A future purpose, a goal, liberates us to enjoy the here and now, the present. Goals are means; the journey is the end.” –Tal Ben-Shahar

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