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Not Your Basic Biscuit Place

Comfort Food With Modern Twists

From the moment of walking in the doors of the new Maple Street Biscuit Company in Brentwood Hill Center, one knows you've walked into somewhere special. The welcoming smiles, warmth, disposable menus and aroma of brewed coffee and biscuits are just the beginning of the adventure that awaits.  

Most of what they serve is fresh, natural and homemade. Their biscuits are made fresh throughout the day. Whether choosing the sausage gravy or the shiitake mushroom gravy, they are both house-made from scratch, with just a little kick. The jams and jellies are also house-made, and their chicken is fresh, never frozen. 

The menu features traditional biscuit sandwich pairings, such as Biscuit and Gravy (and these biscuits hold up being smothered in rich sausage gravy) and The Five & Dime (biscuit, fried chicken breast, pecanwood smoked bacon, a fried egg and cheddar cheese topped with house-made sausage gravy with a kick). But there also are some modern combos, such as The Squawking Goat, as featured on The Food Network show Guilty Pleasures!, which is a flaky biscuit, all-natural fried chicken breast, fried goat cheese medallion, and house-made pepper jelly.  

Other items on the menu include "The Bam" (house-made vanilla *waffle with Asiago cheese and pecanwood smoked bacon baked in, topped with honey butter and real maple syrup). The "Sweet Grace" is house-made chocolate chip waffles topped with strawberries, powdered sugar, whipped cream and real maple syrup. Grit Bowls, Fried Green Tomatoes and Mac and Cheese are also on the menu. 

The hottest limited time summer menus items to try before the leaves change are the Blues BBQ Biscuit, which includes the famous flaky biscuit, savory smoky Austin Blues pulled pork, drizzled with sweet barbecue sauce and topped with house-made coleslaw. Also the Chocolate Chip Biscuit S’more is a favorite for summer time. It's a house-made, flaky biscuit filled with chocolate chips and stuffed with a giant marshmallow and Hershey’s chocolate. Of course, they hand-toast the marshmallow to gooey perfection.

When placing one's order, instead of them taking your name, you'll be asked a question such as:  "what's your favorite band" or "if you could live in a movie which one would it be" and it's so fun to have them call out "Rascal Flatts," "The Notebook" or "Star Wars," which certainly adds to conversations and brings a sense of nostalgia to dining experiences there.  

Maple Street Biscuit Company is a charming and an aesthetically pleasing venue with delicious menu options. Ample outdoor seating is also available.  

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