This One's for the Girls!

A Fun-Filled Celebration of Gal Pals

One of the greatest lessons we can learn in life is that intimacy does not have to be reserved for romantic relationships alone. Some of my deepest and most profound moments of human connection have been ones shared with my closest girlfriends. These partnerships are as vital and worthy of celebration as their romantic counterparts, and as such, my group of girls has taken to throwing something called a Galentine’s Party.

Galentines (a mash-up of the words Valentines and Gal) is loosely defined as “ladies celebrating ladies” and is unofficially celebrated on February 13th. While the concept of Galentine’s Day got its start from the popular sitcom “Parks and Recreation” in 2010, it has since been widely adopted by pop culture as a fun and festive way to celebrate your girl gang.

Brunch is the most popular Galentine theme out there because, let’s face it, there is little better on this planet than a boozy breakfast with your besties that lasts half the day. It is as easy as making a reservation and setting that group text chat alive with plans to coordinate your outfits to get the best photo ops possible.

A good low-key way to celebrate is to simply gather around your kitchen table with your gals, some good snacks, and some crafting supplies, and make one another Galentine’s Day cards. This is an excellent option if you are in your Small Children Era, and things like getting dressed up to go out are too much of a struggle. It is nice to soak up the pleasure of each other’s company while creating something. And at the end, everyone takes home their cards to read at their leisure. Make the message of the cards as silly or as serious as you wish. The bonus is the cards are a lasting memento of time well spent and can be read again and again throughout the year. Put them on your fridge as a daily reminder or tuck them in your nightstand to read after a hard day.

My Galentines and I have now escalated our Galentine’s Day celebrations to a full weekend at a cabin in the mountains. Every February, we come together for 4 days to sit around in our pajamas, drink wine, eat too much cheese, and celebrate our love for each other. We look forward to this weekend all year long, and the memories we make during that time together help sustain us when we go back to our busy lives of work and motherhood.

The ways to celebrate are endless. The point is female friendship is an essential form of love and deserves a party all its own.

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