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Those Drywall Chicks

From Hanging to Taping, these ladies are getting it done.

Drywall is an industry where one is going to get their hands dirty.  And no two people know that lifestyle better than the dynamic duo, Ashley and Brittany Luly of Luly Drywall, otherwise known as “Those Drywall Chicks.” The women have been busy: from taking on the family business to becoming a huge presence on social media, these sisters, joined at the hip and twins through and through, amount their success and their passion to two things: their family values and their love of the art of drywall.

Brittany put it best: “You don’t choose drywall, drywall chooses you.” She attributed their success to the fact that not only were they taught the art of drywalling from a very young age, but from their own father, who always encouraged them to get their hands dirty. The sisters enjoy hunting, fishing and a variety of outdoor activities that Montanans enjoy. Concerning Bozeman in particular, Those Drywall Chicks reflected that they have an enduring love of this place and never want to leave. They repeatedly experience support and encouragement from the Bozeman community. When asked how does it feels to sometimes be the only women on the job site, the sisters replied, “There are moments when a guy will be like ‘Hey, can I talk to the boss?’ and my sister or I have to say, ‘that’d be me,’ but really, we are seeing huge support on job sites and are becoming well established.”  

The sisters never thought that they would become the powerhouse they have become today. These two sisters who started out wanting to make their dad proud, have become a social media sensation, a Bozeman sensation, and sensational role models for young women everywhere hoping to break the glass ceiling in traditionally male professions.