Thrive During the Holidays

Simple Steps to Take for Making This Holiday Season a Little Less Stressful and a Lot More Enjoyable.

Stress. It's everywhere. And it easily can kill your mood, energy, motivation, waistline and (especially this month) your holiday spirit.

The question is: how will you manage it? Will you park yourself on the couch and down unhealthy treats, then beat yourself up and go into 2024 desperate to get in shape FAST (not a good strategy)... or will you find balance by enjoying everything the holidays have to offer, while still taking time to care for yourself?

Shift your perspective to enjoy the holidays without losing sight of your health and well-being. Here's how:

Know thyself:  If tempting foods are at an upcoming party, manage your hunger beforehand. What foods/drinks fuel temptation for you? Who will you be there with? Are you hungry, stressed, or bored? With answers to these questions, you know your own "kryptonite" and can plan to succeed. Stay hydrated. Eat breakfast and lunch. Include protein, healthy fat, and some veggies. The protein and fiber will increase satiety (your body's satisfaction with what you've eaten) and quiet your hunger hormones. A protein snack an hour before a party helps keep hunger at bay. 

If friends or relatives pressure you, stress you out or try imposing their love through food, focus on what you can control – you! Set boundaries, and pick your pleasures wisely. Have a drink... or, if you know you’re going to have dessert, skip the drink. With a game plan, you can enjoy the things you love guilt-free.

Exercise: Any time of the year stress is best managed with exercise. Choose something you enjoy to clear your head, calm your nerves, and stimulate feel-good endorphins. Decide how many days a week you’re going to exercise, and put it on your schedule. The benefit of exercising occurs in as little as 30 minutes. Exercising lowers stress, and boosts youth-enhancing hormones, energy and mood while burning calories.

Be Consistent: Sounds too simple to work? Think again. Simple is the best approach because simple gets done!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sean Lee has been in the health and fitness industry for 23 years as a speaker, author, and founder of Restoration Fitness. Lake Zurich’s award winning small group personal training studio. Visit Restorationfitness.com to learn more. Call 847.847-1837 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

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