Thrive In The 37075

Hendersonville Area Chamber Of Commerce Launches New Local Business Branding Program

2020 was a tough year for all of us, particularly our small business neighbors. The impact of the coronavirus pandemic caused severe financial damage for most of them, with more than a few unable to survive. The resulting economic fallout reverberated throughout Hendersonville, with adverse effects upon our entire community.

However, as we turn the page to 2021, we are beginning to see signs of hope. As the various Covid-19 vaccines come online, we anticipate that our schools, our businesses and our way of life in general will gradually return to some sense of normalcy.

In order to help kick-start the post-pandemic recovery process for our small businesses and our community at large, the Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce recently began rolling out a new branding campaign called Thrive 37075.

Thrive 37075 is based upon the premise that when consumers shop locally, everyone wins.

“When people spend their money in Hendersonville, it provides a multiplying boost to our economy that results in more choice and variety for consumers,” says Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce President/CEO Kathleen Hawkins. “Nearly 50% of the money spent in our city recirculates right here, helping our businesses to grow and our community to thrive.”

Thrive 37075 was developed as a collaborative effort between in-house staff, Anthem Brand Strategies, Eileen Minton Design and a small group of Chamber members. However, the original concept originated with Kathleen, who took note of the high level of support being afforded to local restaurants.

“While restaurants desperately needed attention, I realized that so did our other small businesses,” says Kathleen. “I wanted to develop a program that would remind the entire community of the importance of shopping local – not just during a pandemic, but every day of the year.”

The Thrive 37075 program has been designed to be flexible so that it can accommodate both retail and service businesses. Featuring a dedicated logo, supporting graphics and detailed participation guidelines, the campaign seeks to leverage Chamber resources and expertise to help local businesses prosper.

“The Chamber works with local businesses to develop products branded with the Thrive 37075 trademark that their customers can get excited about buying, wearing and sharing,” says Kathleen. “In turn, these businesses work with other local printers, designers and manufacturers to bring the merchandise to life and sell it in their stores. They build the brand, create customer loyalty and reap the proceeds from the product sales.”

Along with the participating businesses, the overall community also benefits from Thrive 37075. The increased level of local commerce from the program will generate additional sales tax revenue which will fund roads, fire stations, first responders and schools.

“A healthy infrastructure leads to a stronger sense of community that will attract new citizens and businesses to our city,” says Kathleen. “When we help and support each other, we grow and prosper together.”

Any business with a brick and mortar presence in Hendersonville is a potential candidate for Thrive 37075. However, interested parties need to meet with Kathleen and her team to learn more about Thrive 37075 and other Chamber programs that can help them grow their businesses.

“This campaign is simply one illustration of how we support our businesses and our community,” says Kathleen. “While the Chamber does not sell the Thrive 37075 merchandise, we act as a catalyst to maintain program consistency and to make sure that all participants benefit.”

The early results of Thrive 37075 have been very encouraging, with numerous businesses choosing to participate. Some of the early program partners include Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club, Cookie Advantage, Cycle Bar, Half Batch Brewing, Mainstream Boutique, Lili Bella’s Cakes and Coffee Bar, Nashville Wraps and Pour Vous Spirits, Wine and Beer.

“While we created Thrive 37075 to help with recovery from the pandemic, we intend for the program to continue to evolve and grow over the coming years,” says Kathleen. “The collaboration between our local government, our schools and our local businesses will have a synergistic effect that will help our community prosper.”

Small businesses wishing to participate in Thrive 37075 should contact the Chamber for additional information.

Hendersonville Area Chamber of Commerce

100 Country Club Drive, Suite 104,

Hendersonville, TN



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