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Through Jolie's Lens

Our staff photographer shares her favorite images from her camera roll.

Jolie Rizzi is an Atlanta-based photographer specializing in "capturing the moments" at every charity, wedding, portrait, music, corporate, or commercial event in Atlanta and beyond. Jolie truly wants her pictures to make people feel. "It is my genuine intention for you to want to look at a picture for much longer than the second it took when it actually happened, '' says Jolie. "There is honor in the truth of that moment.”   

Jolie's client list reads like a who's who of Atlanta including notable nonprofits such as Atlanta Anti-Defamation League and Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance as well as  Zac Brown Band, John Driskell Hopkins, and Collective Soul. For the last three years, Jolie has been a lead photojournalist for City Lifestyle magazines and her images have graced the covers of multiple publications as well as having been featured in countless articles.

“Innocent Wonder”

Perspective through a child's eye. Clara Hoeltzel at a playground in Piedmont park.

“Find your light”

Caroline Jones headlining her show at the Mercury Lounge in NYC... I love how the camera captured the light behind her and on her face... Soon after this image was taken, Zac made her a permanent member of the Zac Brown Band.

Meet Jolie

An image of me taken by dear friend Sean O’Keefe on my first press trip with him out to Fairfield, CA. I took all the photos for the feature he wrote for several City Lifestyle magazines. 

“A Son being there for his Father”

Kaden trying to make his dad feel better as he boards the plane for his home in the Netherlands knowing they won’t see each other again for seven months.

"Ocean Holiday”

Photographing this family at a huge family reunion with a stunning ocean backdrop. Bernard and Noelle Blaney and their family made my job easy.

“A Band's Gratitude for their Fans”

Yacht Rock Review 2022-The excitement of warm gratitude for their fans at theend of the show at ChastainAmphitheatre