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Tiger Woods Roots in OC

Empowering Orange County Youth through STEM Education: TGR Learning Lab's Journey of Impactful Transformations

Tiger Woods was recently inducted into the Orange County Sports Hall of Fame. The golf legend expressed his commitment to giving back to the community, particularly the youth of Orange County. Through his charity, the TGR Foundation, and the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, Woods aims to enhance educational opportunities and support the development of young individuals in the region.

The TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, a beacon of educational innovation since 2006, has profoundly impacted Orange County's youth. Serving over 150,000 students with its award-winning STEM curriculum for grades 5-12, the Learning Lab uniquely nurtures holistic development alongside critical STEM skills.

With one of the nation's highest graduation rates, the Earl Woods Scholar Program within the Lab empowers first-generation scholars through mentorships, internships, and career building, guiding hundreds to prestigious universities.

TGR EDU: Explore digitally extends the Lab's impact, providing nationwide access to STEM curriculum, preparing educators and students for higher education and STEM careers.

TGR Foundation's college access programming supports high school students nationwide, offering workshops vital for success. Amidst a changing job market, TGR Foundation's year-round programs on workforce development and career readiness equip students with skills and informed decision-making. In collaboration with industry partners, it ensures students thrive in an evolving future.