The Neighborhood of Timber Ridge

Where Quality Meets Community

Article by Amanda Knowland

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Originally published in Topeka City Lifestyle

Nestled in southwest Topeka, the Timber Ridge neighborhood stands as a testament to quality craftsmanship and community spirit. The land that Timber Ridge now occupies has been in the Dultmeier family since the 1990s and was once prime terrain for the Washburn Rural High School cross-country team. In 2012, Dultmeier Homes, the visionary force behind Timber Ridge, began the process of developing the land. DH has now built 86 homes in Timber Ridge and partners with Stone and Story Real Estate Group to better serve their clients.

“Dultmeier Homes takes care and pride in the areas they develop around Topeka,” shares Abby Gordon, New Construction Director and Realtor with Stone and Story. “Often these areas become a tight-knit community.”

DH is celebrated for its commitment to excellence and unique approach to homebuilding. Combine their skill with A Design Discovery CEO Annette Stahl’s trailblazing plans, and Stone and Story’s real estate expertise, and you have a perfect partnership that guides buyers through each step of their homebuilding journey.

This collaboration does its part to make Timber Ridge homes special, but it’s the addition of the community that truly makes living there wonderful.

Abby paints a vivid picture of a friendly neighborhood: “On a nice day, you’ll see people out exercising and walking their dogs, families riding bikes and people stopping in the driveways to catch up.”

New residents may also be drawn to Timber Ridge’s rolling roads and cul-de-sacs, which make walks and bike rides fun and accessible. Perhaps it’s the proximity to top-rated Washburn Rural schools they seek, or the surrounding trees, lush grass, and the quiet of a rural neighborhood with the nearby conveniences of the city.

“They each made the decision that Timber Ridge is where they want to be,” Abby says of the diverse neighborhood population, which also includes friends and extended families who have chosen to build homes near one another.

Some residents in the community have built multiple homes with Dultmeier and are returning clients, which is a testament to the seamless process the builder has set up for what can typically be an overwhelming undertaking.

Abby breaks down the build process into manageable steps, providing a comprehensive view for those taking the plunge into building a home. From thoughtful discussion about a client’s current home to their preferred layouts, finishes, and upgrades, Abby walks buyers through each phase. She says clients can expect clear communication, quality construction, adherence to budget, assistance in design, help with selections, and unwavering support during and after the build. It’s all part of the package.

“Dultmeier Homes and Stone and Story have a great relationship in working as a team to help homeowners buy land, sell their current home, connect with lenders, and follow the build until the very end,” Abby says.

Timber Ridge isn’t just a neighborhood; it’s a testament to quality, community, and the fulfillment of homeownership dreams. With Dultmeier Homes at the helm and Stone and Story as the guiding force, Timber Ridge is not just a residential area, it’s a vibrant community where quality living takes center stage. And that community continues to evolve – Abby says we can expect to see more lots available in the future.

To learn more, visit dultmeierhomes.com.

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