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Time for Back-to-School Eye Care

Excellence in school begins with your child’s vision. An annual eye health exam should be at the top of every family’s back-to-school checklist.

Did you know that vision changes can occur without your child even noticing? Children don’t necessarily understand what “normal” vision is, and a comprehensive eye exam can catch vision issues that might interfere with learning. Clear, comfortable vision doesn’t just make it easier to see the blackboard, it also helps them process and remember what’s being taught.

Students today use a variety of digital tools, including tablets, smart phones and e-readers. Digital eyestrain is a common condition that may affect learning and productivity. Symptoms of digital eyestrain can include blurry vision, loss of focus, and dry, tired eyes. Tell your child about the 20-20-20 rule to help reduce digital eye strain. Every 20 minutes, they should take a 20 second break and focus on something 20 feet away.

Schedule an annual eye health exam today to get your child the prescription they need. MyEyeDr. in Lake Zurich accepts all insurances, and has the stylish frames your child will love showing off on the first day of school.

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