Time to Hit the Trail!

OKC’s Bike Trails Provide Opportunities for Improved Health, Happiness & Adventure

For Danny Vo, freedom is the thing that he likes most about cycling. Three years into his bike riding experience, he says that the time he spends on bike trails around Oklahoma City has given him a new appreciation for the city he knows and loves.

“I have only been biking a few years, but the growth has been exponential. What initially drew me to bike riding was the freedom it gave me, especially during a global pandemic,” he explains. “I enjoy the different perspective that cycling can give.”

Danny leads and organizes the largest weekly group bike ride in the state. Called Hide & Go Bike, the ride is designed to encourage health and wellness, build community, and promote commuter visibility for those on two wheels. Held weekly during most months throughout the year, the 10-mile group rides cover different parts of Oklahoma City on streets designated as bicycle routes. 

“Growing up in a car-centric environment like OKC is, it’s hard to imagine getting around any other way,” he continues. “A bike really grants you that freedom and allows you to slow your roll in getting from point A to point B.

"The city is a lot more beautiful when you take the time to explore it, street by street and place by place.”

For those ready to hit the trails in Oklahoma City, a complete map of available bike trails is available at okc.gov/departments/parks-recreation/trails/trails-map. OKC offers more than 80 miles of multi-use trails for cyclists to enjoy, made up of 10 interconnected trails that span the city.

Popular trails include the 9.8-mile Bert Cooper Trails, located around Lake Hefner, and the 7.3-mile Katy Trail that highlights the city's Adventure District and parallels the former Katy Railway line. In addition, the Oklahoma River Trails runs for 13 miles along the Oklahoma River Corridor and Boathouse Row near Bricktown, and the 3.2 mile-Overholser Trail highlights the east side of scenic Lake Overholser. 

“I love the Oklahoma River Trails and the Katy Trail because, even though they are located in the heart of OKC, they make you feel like you’re somewhere a little more distant,” Danny adds. “When you’re on a trail and there’s no chance of cars, you instantly feel like you’ve been transported somewhere else, and it's doubly rewarding because you took yourself there.

“In addition, I love the Katy Trail on hot days because the trees provide so much shade coverage,” he adds. “It’s just as nice in the fall, when those same trees start to change colors and the leaves begin to fall.”

For those interested in cycling in the Oklahoma City metro, the Bike Central Oklahoma website (bikemonthok.org) is a source of information about bicycle and pedestrian safety and features a Regional Bicycle Network Map* that shows shared-use paths, existing bike lanes and signed-shared roadways. In addition, the organization hosts special Bike Month activities in May each year, as well as other bike-oriented events. 

Ready to hit the trail? Danny says all you need is a bike, some confidence and a sense of adventure. 

“You just have to get out there and do it,” he urges. “You’ll never start exactly where you want to be, but I promise you will get to the place you need to be as a cyclist. You just have to hop on and start somewhere. You’ll fall, you’ll push yourself, but you will find something in return when you get up.”

Interested in learning more about Danny’s Hide & Go Bike rides? Follow @hideandgobike on Instagram. 

Find an interactive map of bike-friendly trails in Oklahoma City at okc.gov/departments/parks-recreation/trails/trails-map

For more information about Bike Central Oklahoma, visit bikemonthok.org or Facebook.com/BikeCentralOklahoma.

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