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Time to Hit the Trail!

Norman’s Bike Trails Provide Opportunities for Improved Health, Happiness & Adventure

Dustin Barrier says it is nearly impossible for him to pinpoint the thing that he likes most about cycling. Ten years into his bike-riding experience, he says that the time he spends on bike trails around Norman has yielded a myriad of benefits. 

“It’s hard to choose just one reason why I enjoy cycling,” he reflects. ”It has really improved my mental and physical well-being. From exploring the beautiful scenery that Oklahoma has to offer, to being part of the cycling community, to the sense of achievement it fosters, it's truly such a great sport.”

After six years as a competitive runner, Dustin bought his first bike in April 2013. A decade later, he rides regularly and says that Norman provides ample opportunities for cyclists of all levels and abilities. 

“I would encourage everyone to try out cycling and see if it’s for you,” he explains. “With so much happening in today’s world, cycling is a way to slow down and be in the moment. It’s a chance to build new friendships through the cycling community. Cycling is an activity the whole family can do together and enjoy time outside.”

For those ready to hit the trails in Norman, a complete map of available bike routes is available at Most bike routes in Norman are “shared-road” routes on paved streets, or in bike lanes on selected streets with lane markings that are designated solely for use by bicycles. Designated recreational bike paths, separate from the main thoroughfares, are also available around town, including paths on West Robinson Street, Flood Avenue, East Main Street and near the University of Oklahoma campus. 

In and around the Norman area, Dustin recommends exploring the 13.5-mile trail at Lake Stanley Draper and the 18.5-mile Clear Bay Recreation Area Trail System on the south side of Lake Thunderbird.

The Draper Lake trail is a wide, paved trail that caters to both pedestrians and cyclists, and the hilly landscape adds the challenge of significant elevation changes along the trail. 

The Clear Bay Trail System offers five interconnecting trails for hikers and mountain bikers of varying skill levels, which can be ridden as separate loops or as a whole. 

“Fall is my favorite time to ride these paths because of the leaves turning, and the weather is a bit nicer,” he says. “The Clear Bay Trails are perfect during the fall and winter months to enjoy different terrain other than road. There is also a fall foliage ride in Norman around October that has amazing scenery. It’s an easy pace with a big group of riders.”

The 12-acre Creekside Bike Park, located at 2217 E Lindsey St., offers off-road trails for mountain biking, a technical skills area, and a children’s biking playground.

Opportunities for cycling in Cleveland County will continue to increase, as the City of Norman recently received more than $2.1 million from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation to continue constructing traffic-free pathways for bicyclists and pedestrians near State Highway 9. 

The Bicycle League of Norman is a cycling club that serves as another resource for bike-riding enthusiasts. The club serves both new and seasoned riders alike in the nuances of road cycling, touring, racing and mountain biking, and hosts monthly meetings, group rides and other events throughout the year. 

“No matter where you like to ride, cycling will bring many benefits to your life,” Dustin concludes. “So, grab a helmet and hit the trail!”

And don't forget to wear your helmet!

For more information about bike trails in Norman, visit Information about the Bicycle League of Norman is available at or on Facebook and Instagram at @BicycleLeagueOfNorman.