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Time to Remodel Your Kitchen?

Four Critical Questions to Ask Yourself Before Taking the Project Plunge

Is it time to consider remodeling my kitchen?

Consider functionally - is it working for you? If you have a shortage of space, dated appliances, and an old layout/design, it's time to explore a project. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. Jot down your thoughts and call a contractor for help with your design. 

When should I do my remodel?

Chances are you're probably only going to remodel your kitchen once, so do it now and do it right. A good contractor will provide accurate timelines to complete the project. Waiting to remodel it for the next homeowner cheats you from the kitchen you deserve. 

What should I consider when choosing a contractor?

How long have they been in business?

Are they licensed, bonded, and insured?

Do they use subcontractors or employees?

Are all the workers background checked?

Are they financially strong? This is important to ensure the project is completed and warranties are fulfilled.

Do they have any endorsements and ties to the community?

If my project requires a permit, will they acquire the proper permits to legally complete my project?

How do they plan to communicate with me throughout the remodel process and progress?

In addition, how do previous customers feel about the contractor and experience? Read online reviews and ask for references.

Also, see if they have a showroom/design center where you can explore the quality of materials.

Save yourself the stress and risk involved with hiring cheap.

Why haven’t I taken the remodel plunge?

Procrastination will cost you money. Don’t wait until you have dead appliances or other issues. Costs don’t go down, so it pays to get started on your project. When the project is over, you will question why you waited so long since the kitchen is the heart of your home. Keep in mind, the kitchen yields the largest return on investment if you ever sell your home. 

Remodeling your kitchen is not an expense, it's an investment. (480)998-8900

Kitchen trends for 2024 include: gold finishes, solid surfaces as backsplashes, wood grain cabinetry, optimized storage, coffee corners/beverage stations, herringbone floors, metal, statement wallpaper, quartz countertops, eat-in kitchens with islands, custom range hoods, quiet appliances and stainless steel.