Time to Shine!

Bucket & Shine Provides the Highest Quality Services for Your Spring Cleaning!

Due to the continued customer satisfaction, Bucket & Shine specializes in long-term relationships with their clients; including weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings.


We all LOVE that fresh feeling of a squeaky clean house—especially now that it is springtime. Returning from a vacation? Nothing better than sparkling floors to greet you as you arrive home. Throwing a neighborhood party? A clean kitchen will serve you and your guests well. 


Lindsay Buck, owner of Bucket & Shine, proudly provides professional cleaning services to the Northwest Denver metro area, and beyond! Due to the continued customer satisfaction, Bucket & Shine specializes in long-term relationships with their clients; including weekly, biweekly, or monthly cleanings.


Bucket & Shine cleaning services are special because they are of the highest caliber. Lindsay makes sure of that herself! All staff is trained to clean in a specific fashion, ensuring satisfied customers with the cleanest houses! 


Bucket & Shine really emphasizes the relationships their employees have with their customers. Typically, one set employee will clean the same client's house continually to cultivate a comfortable and consistent relationship. 


Another special feature of the company is their partnership with ‘Cleaning for a Reason,’ a charity focused on providing free home cleaning to cancer patients. 


It’s clear that Bucket & Shine’s mission is to make life better in all that they do. Lindsay herself says on the Bucket & Shine website: “We promise quality, reliable cleaning services every time.  We focus on the details to help you have a clean and orderly home or office. We work hard to be the best. We want you to have more time to do what you love!”


These incredible services range from Basic Maintenance Clean, Top-To-Bottom Deluxe Deep Clean, Move In/Out Clean, Airbnb Clean, and even Office Clean! And because of the 24-hour Satisfaction Guarantee, Bucket & Shine will resolve any issue to make sure you are able to enjoy your clean home or office to the fullest! 


You can contact Bucket & Shine to inquire about cleaning services or get a quote by calling 720-773-4090 or visiting It's been a long winter for a great many of us, and, now that springtime is finally around the corner, it's time to look into cleaning services that will keep homes or offices fresh and clean for all four seasons!

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