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Dominique Giordano large geode ring in 18K gold heavy plate with blue zircon crystals

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Time to Shine

Two contemporary jewelry designers, two unique voices

The jewelry we wear is an extension of our style, taste, and a hint of who we are.  But some pieces go deeper, they can act as totems, influenced by those who have shaped us on our journey so far.

I was privileged to talk to two modern jewelry designers about their businesses, and about the women who have influenced them along the way.

Rebecca Lankford Designs is housed in a contemporary studio/gallery at 703 Yale Street, Houston. As well as designing and selling her own collections, which are handcrafted from precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, Rebecca represents other jewelry designers and artists. The space is a hive of creativity, where events are held and people gather. 

In conversation with Rebecca, she talks of her unfaltering faith and being blessed with the gift of what she does. This gratitude is apparent in her series of faith-inspired pieces, which include prayer bracelets engraved with inscriptions, giving hope and encouragement during difficult times.

Working directly with the client, Rebecca creates unique custom pieces for weddings, engagements and other special times, but Rebecca also designs and makes one-off “reimagined” pieces, creating something new from the client’s broken, inherited, or outdated jewelry. A recent reimagined piece included the use of gemstones from the tiara that Napoleon Bonaparte gave to Marie Louise on the birth of their first child! 

Growing up, Rebecca remembers her mother’s endless creativity. Her grandmother was Ukrainian and her mother a first-generation American, she could turn her hand to anything and did. Nothing was beyond her capabilities, and she instilled the mindset of “you can do whatever you want to do” if you pursue it with gusto and faith.

You can learn more about Rebecca, her studio, process and designs, or perhaps host an event in her retail space at

New Orleans based jewelry designer Dominique Giordano celebrates 25 years of business this year!  Her award-winning pieces are inspired by the people she meets and the stories of their lives, Dominique states that “the design comes to life when I am talking to people”, her pieces truly have an authentic human connection.

Losing both a sister and a sister-in-law to cancer led Dominique to create designs honoring their memories. The "Superstar Collection" asks “Who’s your superstar? Who’s your star in heaven? Who’s your star on earth?” we all have superstars! The original piece was inspired by a dream filled with yellow butterflies, her sister in laws favorite color, this influenced the use of citrine stones in the original “Superstar” piece. The “Sophies Heart” collection was designed as a tribute to her sister Alexis, who passed away from cancer when her youngest child, Sophie, was just 1 year old. 

Dominique is a nurturing person and has a knack for bringing friends together, her jewelry socials do just that, anywhere! So, you can even host a party right here in Texas, the guests pre-order their personalized components online, and everything is mailed to be assembled at the party! It’s a fantastic idea for a birthday, bachelorette party, or other special occasions!

Currently working on her latest series, the “Mohawk” collection, Dominique tells us that it’s about “owning who you are”, silver lined bugle beads, in bold colors, are statement pieces that are unapologetically expressive and honest about who we are.

Dominique's information and jewelry gallery featuring her design lines made from semi-precious gemstones, pearls, sterling and fine silver, and 18k gold, can be found online at

  • Precious gemstones and raw diamonds on gold in mixed metal cording by Rebecca Lankford
  • Rebecca Lankford's perfect white t-shirt worn with a range of gold and diamonds with drilled diamonds and a gold cross
  • A range of cuffs by Rebecca Lankford. Gold links, rhodium diamond bracelets and mixed shape diamond cuffs
  • A selection of eternity bands by Rebecca Lankford created using gold, diamonds and emeralds
  • Dominique Giordano
  • Jewelry designer Dominique Giordano wearing her stunning designs
  • Dominique Giordano working on her signature "feather chain" design
  • Creating the "Superstar" design
  • The "Sophies Heart" Collection, a percentage of proceeds go towards an education fund for Alexis 2 children
  • "Who's your superstar? Who's your star in heaven? Who's your star on earth?"
  • Dominique Giordano geode cuffs in 18k gold heavy plate
  • Dominique Giordano large geode ring in 18K gold heavy plate with blue zircon crystals
  • Dominique Giordano, "The Mohawk Collection", is about "owning who we are"
  • Rebecca Lankford Designs Houston studio and gallery
  • A unique space for your next event in Houston
  • Rebecca Lankford represents other jewelry designers and artists in her Houston space