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John Kross

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Time Well Spent

Town Manager, John Cross, Reflects on 26 Years of Service.

1.    You must have witnessed a lot of change in your time working for the community for 26 years. 

Indeed, a lot of change. Obviously, the interest in the community from homebuilding has been profound and for many years, Queen Creek offered larger lots and homes very competitively priced compared to other more developed communities.  Regionally, I would say the construction of the Loop 202 freeway and the State Route 24 connection to Ellsworth Road provided a level of convenience that likely catapulted growth for Queen Creek. 

2.    Is there anything you feel has stayed the same?

I do think a lot has remained the same. Although the community has grown considerably, there remains a cultural strategy to maintain our connections to the land and people, whether it be our agricultural heritage or the San Tan Mountains. 

3.    What do you love most about Queen Creek?

Without question, it is the people and our collective unending pioneering spirit. We have done some pretty groundbreaking things and there is so much more on the way. 

4.    In your time working as Town Manager, what has been your proudest achievement?

When I started with Queen Creek, we did not have many of the traditional services such as water, sewer, police or fire. Now we do but in my 26 years, we were literally building a brand-new community. Since all of the services we now provide are major policy decisions, none of it would be possible without the direction and support provided by the Town Council. 

5.    When you retire, what will you miss the most?

Without question, the people. Whether it is the daily interactions with my fellow team members, the Town Council or members of the community, these interactions are all a blessing and can never be taken for granted. 

  • John Kross