Tips and Tricks to Creating a House That Feels Like Home

Let your home tell your story.

Article by Jennifer Lombardi & Ashley Barrett Kanoff

Photography by Jennifer Lombardi

Originally published in Newtown City Lifestyle

As an Interior Designer and owner of BLOOM Design Studio, I feel it’s my obligation to keep up on the latest trends as they come and go and guide my clients accordingly. While seeking out the latest and greatest can be fun and exciting, it doesn’t always translate well into our homes. So, here are a few of my tips and tricks to creating a house that feels like home- and not just any home- your cozy, relaxing, retreat, that is a reflection of you and the ones you share it with! 


Always start with a plan. Let designing your space be a process, take your time and save up for that “splurge” item you’ve been eyeing. Be okay with the NOW. Avoid buying things mindlessly to fill up your home just because you’re having friends and family over for a party. No one will care about your amazing new furniture, they will just remember how you welcomed them in and how you made them feel. 


Yes, daunting at first but trust me, it will make things much easier when shopping for your home when you’ve decided on a few colors that will be a common thread throughout.  A color palette will keep you focused and help you to avoid buying something that you’ll have no place for in the end. 


Now you can start thinking of your bigger items, and where you’d like to invest your money. I prefer a more curated look. I tend to look for pieces rather than sets.  A simple inexpensive sectional paired with a “splurge” item, like a beautiful leather chair will help a room look intentional and well designed without blowing your entire budget. 


Let’s fill up those walls! Art in whatever form, should give you all the feels. A black and white gallery wall filled with the faces you love and memories of days gone by, one large abstract modern painting, or a bohemian carved wood piece will all have a big impact as long as they’re aesthetically pleasing, speak to you, and the scale is right.  Think big wall, big art!


Whether it be pillows, accessories, baskets to corral your kids’ stuff, or cozy blankets…just always keep in mind rule number 2- your color pallet!  If you like to follow the trends or switch things up for the seasons- pillows and accessories are a great way to experiment… but again, remember your color pallet! I can’t say it enough because I feel like this is where you can easily derail from your plan. 


This is often a design element that is overlooked, but is so important! My tip for lighting would be to layer.  Your room may have recessed lighting, which is great for everyday use, but adding in dimmer switches, wall sconces, lamps, even battery operated candles and fairy lights to a book shelf help to create ambience and warmth. 


These design elements are high on the trend setting list at the moment, but to me they are tried and true classic elements that will stand the test of time.  Adding in some wood tones to any space automatically warms it up, and black can be so grounding that it tends to instantly make a space look effortlessly timeless and pulled together. 


I’m a total plant nerd! I inherited my love for plants and my green thumb from my sweet Dad. Plants breathe life into a room, fill up an empty corner, help to keep the air clean in our homes, all the while softening sharp corners and vertical lines and adding texture, color and warmth to a space. Don’t be afraid of plants, I hear so often- ”no way, I’ll kill it”, but plants, like people just need a little sunlight and LOVE!

I hope these tips help to make the process of designing your space exciting and fun, and a little less daunting. I believe that your home should be a reflection of who you are, where you’ve been, and the people you love. Your home should simply... tell your story.

"Let your home tell your story." 

Jenny Lombardi 

BLOOM Design Studio, Newtown, PA 


Passionate about creating livable, lovable, timeless spaces. 

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