Tired of Swiping, Right?

702 Match, bringing love to you

Looking for love? Wanda Tracey, Matchmaker and Marriage Officiant, wants you just to be your own beautiful self. Whether returning to dating after a long relationship, a broken heart, divorce, or losing a loved one, Wanda provides the resources to build a long-lasting, loving relationship with a good person with good intentions.

A one-time fee of $150 allows Wanda to do a thorough criminal and social media background check on every client. Then she interviews three people closest to them to learn more about who their key influencers are.

“We want no serial daters, no serial heartbreakers, no serial scammers. Cereal should only come in a box,” said Wanda.

Wanda started a wedding ceremony and marriage officiant service, Wanda’s Weddings, after corporate downsizing and a layoff. She has performed well over 4,000 wedding ceremonies and has earned eight Couple’s Choice Awards and more than 300 five-star reviews. Her natural people skills and strong work ethic helped her build lasting customer and client relationships.

After being widowed in 2013, she saw a need for a matchmaking service for singles who wanted more than random dating encounters because she couldn’t find a method and means to connect with a good compatible partner in the “left/right swipe” era. With creative inspiration found through daily spiritual practices, studies, and meditations, Wanda launched a personalized spiritual approach to matchmaking called 702 Match, where she matches good people with good intentions, seeking real love.

First impressions are everything! Women don’t mind a man with facial hair, but it had better be groomed. Taking care of one’s clothing and personal hygiene, for both men and women, matters to a potential partner. It’s a sensitive issue to tackle, and Wanda rarely needs to bring it up to a client. But sometimes, clients over 55 may need a wardrobe update or a new hairstyle. Then she’ll bring in an outside style consultant to recommend some changes.

Younger clients, 25 to 30, often collect shoes or sneakers, and it’s a key element in their unique style. She advises not to get stuck in comfort outfits and to be a bit more polished when meeting a potential match. 

Tune in on the internet Wednesdays at 3:00 to ‘22.3 Take Over Radio’ for more dating and relationship advice, style tips, and current trends. Or watch for Wanda's upcoming reality television pilot, “Vegas Matchmaker,” focusing on real people who want to find real love. It’s not about what Hollywood wants us to see but reflects our unique community with all the beauty of Las Vegas.

Before beginning her match search, clients must read Don Miguel Ruiz’s “The Four Agreements” to explore their own inner dialogue, the negative self-sabotage, or the ‘victim mentality.’ These patterns can hinder a good match, and clients need to be prepared for some hard truths.

Next is “The 5 Love Languages” by Gary Chapman. The key to a good match is based on being aware of one another's love language to communicate successfully.

Relationship coaches help people feel comfortable dating again during free weekly seminars open to potential clients with Katelyn Thompson, an Intimacy, and Love coach, or Karen DaCosta Williams, a marriage and relationship coach. These seminars ease awkwardness, especially after a long break from dating.

How does Wanda make a match? It’s a combination of intuition and science. A certified matchmaker with years of experience, she listens to what a client is saying and not saying. She has honed her skills to consider what the cultural impact of a match would be. Can they honor and respect one another’s cultures and experiences? If they hit all the marks, she’ll suggest a match.

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