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Titan Up Your Fall Wardrobe

Meet the Execs Behind the Team

Shannon Myers
Tennessee Titans Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Tell us a little about your role with the Titans
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer. I oversee the financial decisions of the company, while also having a strong focus on people and culture initiatives.

What type of accessories do you most enjoy wearing?
Simple and meaningful accessories. Most days I’m wearing a gold necklace engraved with the names of my 3 boys, and a 10-year wedding anniversary ring with 5 stones symbolizing my incredible family of 5. Both pieces of jewelry serve as constant reminders of what is most meaningful.

What does business casual look like these days?
Clean and polished jeans paired with a blouse and a jacket. In my opinion, jeans or a casual dress qualify as acceptable business casual attire.

Current fashion, post-pandemic, is more about fun expression. Do you see office attire reflecting that trend, and in what way?
Yes – Being in the world of sports, shoes are always a fun way to express your style. A cute pair of tennis shoes previously would be reserved for jeans or joggers, but now tennis shoes can pair nicely with a business professional suit, dress or skirt.

What's your best overall fashion advice?
 Be comfortable. You can always add layers to make an outfit look more structured and polished, without sacrificing comfort. Having 3 little kids and limited time to get ready in the mornings, my go-to outfit is a casual dress for comfort, paired with a professional blazer or jacket for a more polished look.

What's your favorite fall color to wear?
Dark teal or dark plum 


Adolpho Birch III
Tennessee Titans Senior Vice President of Business Affairs & Chief Legal Officer

Tell us a little about your role at the Titans
My title is Chief Legal Officer, but practically speaking I serve an external and league affairs role. My primary focus is government relations, community impact and managing the relationship with the league office. I also oversee our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, while helping shape the organization’s culture and direction.

Are watches in or out of style? Do you consider watches as jewelry, or in a category of their own?
Definitely in, always.  And “smart” watches most certainly do not count.  I have two watches, one of which was given to me by my father, that I have worn every day for nearly 40 years. Family heirlooms are always in style.

How important are accessories, such as belts and the 'just-right' socks or shoes?
The details make the style.  Either by using a variety or by having one’s personal “signature” item.  For me, that includes my specs: right now I think I have 12 pairs in active rotation.

What advice do you have for men who wish to look classy and neat, yet casual and comfortable?
Best advice I could give is to focus on the fit. Well-fitting clothes always look and feel more comfortable.

What's your favorite fall color to wear?
Two-Tone Blue, of course.  Generally on Sundays.

Surf Melendez
Tennessee Titans, Vice President and Executive Creative Director

Tell us a little about your background and your role with the Titans
My role centers on entertaining our fans and growing the Titans brand. I served a similar role at the Miami Dolphins. Prior to joining the NFL, I managed brands for Adidas North America and worked in several capacities in the advertising industry.

What project are you most proud of so far at the Titans?
I love to leave a little mystery, so I can tell you we have something extremely special and surprising coming for fans in 2023. But that’s all I can say for now.

Women seem to really like men to wear stylish footwear. How important do you think shoes are to an overall personal look?
The impact of footwear is huge. I see shoes as the ultimate accessory to a fit. You can take a relatively safe look and take it over the top with the right kicks. I love pulling inspiration from the variety of shoes you see our team rock.

How do tailored shirts or custom suits fit into today's male wardrobes?
Custom and tailored looks definitely have their place, but I love pushing the envelope. Incorporating your own personal style can take a tailored look and offer a unique twist that really helps you stand out. For example, I always add a black-on-black ball cap to the mix. It’s my own personal touch, and most people don’t even know I have hair.

How important is it these days for men to find and wear perfectly fitting jeans?
Jeans are very important for a wardrobe and the fit is essential. I wear them literally everyday. My role has many twists and turns throughout the day – one minute i’m in an executive meeting in one of our boardrooms and the next i’m on location at a photoshoot with our players. Jeans carry me through everyday no matter what it holds.

How do you feel about wearing gold and silver simultaneously? Or mixing in other metals?
I like mixing bling. Being in the creative space, I never really care if something is a “faux paus.” I like to break convention, and keep people guessing. That’s kind of my style, and it’s also something I hope to reflect in the Titans brand.

What's your favorite fall color to wear?
Always black and charcoal year-round. I also throw a good bit of Titans blue in there.

Gil Beverly
Tennessee Titans, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer

Tell us a little about your role at the Titans
I often say my job is to help the team “Win Heart and Win Minds in order to ultimately Win Wallets.” First and foremost, this means finding compelling ways to engage our fans to bring them closer to the team and our brand. In doing so the hope is to  be top of mind for fans across the entire state. We want to give them as many reasons to love the Titans as possible.

How do you believe one's style affects one's personal reputation?
Standing at 6’6” – i’m a relatively big guy, so it’s pretty hard to be incognito anywhere. Given that, I know a lot of eyes will come my way when I walk into the room. You only have one chance to make a first impression, so I like to use style to help influence the vibe people get from me. I like for my fashion choices to communicate that I am serious, well put-together and thoughtful – but that I also have fun, style and flair in my game. The suit I wore for this magazine shoot accompanying this article, for example, is classically cut but has a nontraditional color and fabric. It’s buttoned-up and even a tad corporate, but also really striking and fun. This approach sums up how I use fashion and style to establish my personal brand and reputation.

Are watches in or out of style? Do you consider watches as jewelry, or in a category of their own?
Watches are very much in style. With so many folks shifting to electronic watches and such, it makes it all the more striking when someone wears a more traditional, classic timepiece.

How important are accessories, such as belts and the 'just-right' socks or shoes?
A lot of men and women in corporate jobs have fewer opportunities to express themselves through fashion. Most men trend toward what I call “The Uniform,” which is a pair of slacks/jeans, a button down shirt, a jacket and a pair “sensible” shoes. Given how this approach can be kind of dull, accessories can really help you stand out. Sometimes wearing a bright colored or patterned sock can completely change the vibe of an otherwise boring outfit. For shoes, I like tapping into classic styles in non-traditional colors. For example, I love a pair of bright red Allen Edmonds oxford wingtips. Again, the shoe itself is a classic design but the color grabs attention!

What advice do you have for men who wish to look classy and neat, yet casual and comfortable?
Find the perfect fit. Custom fit is especially important for someone this tall, but it’s really an important style tip for everyone. I’d recommend investing in at least one fine custom suit with two or three made-to-measure shirts. We all have unique proportions, and even folks who consider themselves “average” have unique fit quirks. I’d encourage everyone to shop with a legit clothier and avoid big box retail chains. Having a good stylist walk you through the process and give you good ideas is another nice aspect of having clothes made for you.

While most of us don’t have a body as chiseled as Derrick Henry (speaking for myself first), most men look better with form fitting clothes over a baggy, less structured look, another reason to go custom. Even if you are a little soft in the middle, or have some ‘junk in the trunk,’ a well-tailored button down shirt with nice-fitting pants will always look polished and flattering.

What's your favorite fall color to wear?
I try to rep the Tennessee Titans as much as possible, so naturally I wear a lot of ‘Two-Tone Blue’ no matter the time of the year, but especially during football season. Titan Up!