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To My Valentine

Create timeless keepsakes for those you love with this easy DIY Valentine Stationary. There is something special and reminiscent of our earlier years of creating homemade valentines for those special in our lives. While stores are filled with Valentine candy, cards and gifts, the thoughtfulness and time put into to a handmade card holds a different meaning. Words are the things we treasure most, so let those you care about most know how you treasure them this Valentine's Day. 

What you will need

  • Kitchen Knife

  • Red or Russet Potato (for heart)

  • Romaine lettuce (for rose)

  • Acrylic Paint

  • Paint Brush

  • Blank Envelopes

  • Blank Cards

  • Heart Template (

  • Hand Lettering Template (

  • Light Box

Instructions for Heart Prints

  1. Cut the potato in half. Using a small knife, carefully carve a heart shape onto the flat side of the potato. Carve freestyle or use the free template under “DIY Stationery” on the blog at Even when using the template, each carving will come out as unique art like the ones you see here.

  2. With a paint brush, apply paint to the heart shape on the potato.

  3. Stamp the potato heart onto blank stationery.

  4. Set aside until completely dry.

Instructions for Rose Prints

  1. Cut the end off of romaine lettuce. Set leaves aside and use the stem. 

  2. Using a paintbrush, apply paint to the lettuce stem.

  3. Stamp the lettuce “rose” onto blank stationery.

  4. Set aside until completely dry.

Once your stationery is completely dry it is time to add beautiful Valentine’s Day lettering. If you have beautiful handwriting then draw free hand. If you’re not as confident then use  alight box and my hand lettering template (found on the blog at to transfer lettering onto the stationery. To do this, first lay the hand lettering template on a light box with the stationery on top. Then trace the hand lettering onto the stationery with a pen or marker of choice.