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Tutoring provides valuable one-on-one time for your child to work on academics, test prep or college preparedness.

There are many reasons why tutoring is beneficial, whether it be academic struggles or the need for an extra push. Tutoring can provide the building blocks of education that will continue to benefit students for years, including study and organizational skills and increased knowledge in core subjects. 

We sat down with Cram Crew to talk about the benefits of tutoring and what makes their services stand out from the rest. Like every student, every tutoring service is different, too. Factors like services offered, convenience and customization should all be taken into consideration. 

What Makes Cram Crew Different?

Cram Crew offers convenient, flexible and personalized academic support. Their educational consultants undergo a rigorous application process before being hired to ensure that each student has the best possible experience. Consultants will meet with students at the location of their choice, whether that be a home, coffee shop or library setting. There is no one-size-fits-all approach;  a personalized experience is created for each student to meet their academic needs. 


College Readiness

Getting students ready for the college application process is a stressful endeavor, but at Cram Crew, they have the tools and resources necessary to make it as easy as possible. Cram Crew has a dedicated team of editors to review applications, college essays and resumes. They customize each plan to the student’s needs by offering application assistance from specially trained college readiness consultants. 

College Test Prep

In addition to wholly customized study plans, Cram Crew offers a baseline diagnostic test to better understand each student’s particular strengths, weaknesses and goals. The team at Cram Crew provides study materials written, researched and reviewed by their in-house team of developers to cover all the pertinent sections of each standardized test. Students take mock exams so they know what to expect on test day, and they are also provided with personalized test-taking strategies for an extra confidence boost. 

Academic Support

Whether students need study and organizational support or test preparation, the team at Cram Crew will identify the correct options and create a customized plan. Study skills and practical note-taking are part of a successful academic career, so the team at Cram Crew makes sure they provide these skills in a holistic approach to learning. cramcrew.com

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