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Upholding and preserving an exceptional 'we do it right' reputation is paramount for the professionals at St. Louis-headquartered Prestige Pools And Spas. 

Since 1985, Prestige has been a family-operated business whose staff prides themselves in supporting customers and backing their products. Joan and Fran Struckhoffs are the original owners, now joined by their son, Mike Angelo. 

"Being a family business, we share a common base of beliefs and expectations on how to treat each other and how to treat our clients – many of whom we consider 'family," as we've shared so many years of service and experiences with them. We've provided quality products over the years that allow for even further family enjoyment from pools and spas. We also share a strong sense of fairness, hard work and even a fun level of competition amongst ourselves," says Joan.

"With our family business comes inherent trust, strength and depth for open business leadership communication, combined with a little love and caring for each other, and for our many customers, which makes for an overall positive experience for everyone involved," she adds. 

Mike says the industry has gotten much larger over time, with significantly more options. "Customers now are coordinating their whole backyards into their private vacation -- or resort-like spots -- with more elaborate landscaping, water and fire features, outdoor kitchens and much more," he adds. 

In these backyard oases, Mike says customers enjoy the convenience of Prestige's three different types of pools – vinyl lined, fiberglass and concrete/gunite -- and their relaxing water features being just steps away from their back door. 

"We're willing to go the extra mile to help create your dream pool with advanced equipment and add-ons, such as salt systems, heaters, water and fire features and tanning ledges," shares Fran. 

"Whether it be our inground pools, portable swim spas and hot tubs, or our higher-end outdoor Bull grill kitchens, customers are investing in a very high-quality company and products that we're confident will serve them well for many years to come," says Paul Highsmith, showroom/store manager. "You can trust us with your backyard investments. We'll treat you with the utmost care and respect, and help you make the best buying decision for your needs."

Swim spas and hot tubs have been at a peak of interests since COVID-19, with people investing in their family time and bonding, says Paul, by turning off cellphones, computers and TVs. He’s quick to add that spas and tubs provide health benefits, such as better sleep, better circulation and less aches and pains.  

Hydrotherapy is playing a major role in the decision of which model customers choose, adds Paul. Multifaceted fitness aspects, including stationary resistance swim, rowing bars, resistance bands, step aerobics and water weight exercises, are popular.

He says customers also are enjoying the innovative, sophisticated LED lighting, waterfalls and Bellagio water features and Grandwood synthetic cabinets that they provide for beautiful environment surroundings.

“Our aim at Prestige is to educate customers on what to look for and serve as their unbiased consultants to help them find the swim spa and/or hot tub that will best suit their needs and budget,” he shares.

New At Prestige Pool And Spa For 2022:  Strong Spas were added to the company’s product line. Paul says the Strong Spas line is recognized for its industry-leading and patented dual-walled system that offers easy component access. Other features include foldaway steps and towel holder for convenience and safety, as well as Dura-Shield hardcovers that provide strength, protection and energy efficiency.

Mike says unlike some other spa dealers that are currently averaging four months to two years out for delivery, Prestige currently has swim spas and hot tubs available for delivery at customers’ convenience. “We’ll have an even wider array of options as the spring and summer months unfold,” he adds.

Installation can be easy, he says, with many options for a base, whether it be a concrete pad, stone pavers, pea gravel or even one of the “Smart Deck” options they offer – an instant pad with 2-foot-by-2-foot hard rubber/plastic squares that snap together with a trim kit. “This works great for folks who don’t want to go to the expense or the permanent nature of a concrete pad,” he says.

“We're blessed for sure and proud to continue to be St. Louis’ most award-winning pool company as we’re building inground pools year-round at a record-setting pace,” observes Joan. “We have a seasoned and knowledgeable staff who are always willing to help in any way we are able."


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