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Take A Peek Inside Tour Buses from Dreamliner

Article by Maria Dinoia

Photography by Courtesy of Dreamliner

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle

With a client roster boasting the biggest names in touring, luxury coach company Dreamliner celebrated its first year in Music City.  Offering a first-hand look at the comfort and attention to detail accommodations artists and touring personnel utilize year-round, Dreamliner CEO Jeremy Maul says, “It’s important to us as a company to bring the touring community together both on and off the road. We’ve worked really hard to become a trusted partner for artists/entertainers and their road families, and now that we’re headquartered here, we wanted to share what we’re excited about for not only the stars, but their management teams and bands/crews. It’s about comfort!"

With a fleet of almost 75 coaches, Dreamliner provides luxury transportation to rock, pop, hip-hop and country musicians throughout the country. Clients include Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, The Weeknd, Jonas Brothers, Drake, The Cure, Chris Stapleton, Jon Pardi, and many more.

Maul previously shared with Gotham magazine, "My wife and I travel all over the world, and we’re big on staying at boutique hotels. I’ll look at yacht companies like Van Dutch or Solaris, because I like their design. I lived in Miami, so I love hotels like the Delano, the Fontainebleau and places like that. I always see what people are doing and what they’re putting in the minibars. I put myself in the mindset of, 'Where is this celebrity when they travel? Where are they going to stay?' They’re not staying at a Holiday Inn or a Marriott. They’re staying at a Four Seasons, a W, a Rosewood, or the Delano. So why not take design inspiration from that?"

“We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, quality and comfort,” Maul adds. “Whether it’s bringing fellow songwriters or even your producer on the road with you to record, we have a bus that can accommodate."

Dreamliner also maintains west coast operations in Fontana, California.

Dreamliner coaches offer the perfect balance of elegance, functionality and reliability.

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