Marine Corps League

Building Camaraderie And Serving The Community

The Marine Corps League, a sanctuary for dedicated Marines and FMF Corpsmen who have proudly worn or currently wear the revered eagle, globe and anchor, is a place where the cherished camaraderie of their service days comes to life once more.

Nathan Hanson, a past detachment commandant and paymaster, reflects on the League's profound impact: "Many members have shared their struggles with mental health, and connecting with fellow veterans who share similar experiences has been a lifeline for them."

In the vast landscape of veteran support, countless heroes are in need but are unsure of how to access resources. As a local veteran organization, the Marine Corps League acts as a vital bridge, connecting veterans with organizations eager to help.

Hanson recounts one of their success stories: "We once learned of a Marine and his 3-year-old daughter who were living in a shelter. We were able to intervene, securing them a home, aiding in job placement, fixing their car, and helping them regain their independence." The Marine Corps League offers a lifeline to veterans when they need it most.

248th Marine Corps Birthday Ball

Traditionally reserved for Marines, their companions, and esteemed guests, the Marine Corps Birthday Ball is a cherished celebration of military heritage and history. For the seventh consecutive year, the Collin County Marine Corps League extends a warm invitation to the community to partake in this unforgettable event.

In honoring this time-honored tradition, Marines historically have come together on or around November 10th to share a birthday cake, whether in times of battle or peace. Attendees at this year's celebration can anticipate a cocktail hour, commemorative mementos, a ceremony conducted by Marines, a sumptuous dinner, music, dancing and an opportunity to support local veterans, scholarships and the Toys for Tots program.

Mark calendars for November 18th, when the League hosts the Marine Corps Birthday Ball. This event welcomes veterans and the public alike, and tickets are available for purchase at CollinMCL.org.

Collin County Toys for Tots

Every holiday season, a heartwarming tradition takes root across the United States, delivering smiles and hope to countless children in need through Toys for Tots. In Collin County, this noble initiative is spearheaded by the LCpl Jacob D. Hayes Detachment of the Marine Corps League.

Collin County is renowned for its generosity, particularly when it comes to children. Toys for Tots represents more than just toys; it symbolizes a beacon of hope for families grappling with financial hardships, offering a glimpse of the holiday magic every child deserves.

The program collects new, unwrapped toys and ensures they find their way into the hands of children who might otherwise wake up to empty stockings on Christmas morning. To contribute, drop off a toy at a designated donation site or donate online from now until the start of December. For more information, visit CollinCo-TX.ToysForTots.org.

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