Traditional Naturopathic Medicine in Boerne

Fulfilling a Lifelong Passion and Finding My Purpose in Helping Others

Article by Kimberly Verbeke

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Originally published in Boerne Lifestyle

I grew up in a wonderful, loving home with my parents and three older brothers. I had an amazing childhood and my momma deserves all the credit for keeping us healthy and happy. I’m confident that I pursued naturopathic medicine because she was so passionate about health and nutrition. While other kids were taken to medical doctors, my mom was taking us to
naturopaths, chiropractors, and iridologists. She believed, and still believes, that there is always a root cause and when that is addressed, the body can heal. And I couldn’t agree more! 
When I was 35 I had some health issues that a doctor told me to “just accept as a part of getting older”. I realized if I wanted to heal and feel truly healthy again, I would have to find the answers for myself. I decided to pursue becoming a Traditional Naturopathic Physician. I wanted to be a medical doctor when I was in my teens and twenties but after administering medication in a nursing home/rehab facility for a few years I knew allopathic medicine wasn’t the approach I wanted to take. Addressing symptoms is not the answer ... addressing the root cause is.

I’ve been so fortunate to learn from some of the very best Functional Medicine Practitioners including Dr. Shallenberger, Dr. Levy, Dr. LaValle and more. Continuing to study and learn has helped me continue to evolve in what I do and how I care for people. I have even had the privilege of spending time in Dr. Shallenberger’s office, shadowing him! All of this has allowed me to see some incredible successes clinically. I love being able to work with people one-on-one as well as speaking at events, but success for me is knowing the lives that I’ve had the opportunity to impact. My clients at Avita Wellness and Aesthetics mean everything to me. I’ve developed some very special friendships with many of them and it has been so fulfilling to see them thrive
I’ve seen people heal from addiction, Lyme’s disease, mold and environmental toxicity. I’ve watched as people regained their vitality and energy. People with fractures from osteoporosis mend and diabetics correct their blood sugar and insulin levels when they have the necessary tools their bodies need. We always focus on aging well … since aging is something we’re all doing every day! 
A few of my favorite success stories: watching a busy entrepreneur recover from an eating disorder and chronic sickness. Seeing a grandma in her 80s heal from painful bone fractures that medications just weren’t helping to resolve and having a mom with young children that has been suffering from strange symptoms since her teens, finally get answers and seeing her body
heal from Lyme’s disease. 
Often I work with people for a six- to twelve-month period to help them regain their health.  We start with labs that include 121 markers and add additional testing if indicated. Once the testing is complete I create a comprehensive plan that can include anything from IV therapy, peptides and  supplements to dietary changes, exercise recommendations and monthly InBody weigh-ins to look at body composition. We also offer all of the above a la carte. 
I love what I do. I sincerely believe that this is my calling and what God put me on the earth to do. Avita feels like a community, rather than a cold, sterile office. I’m very lucky to have my daughter, Sara, working with me as a full time IV technician. She has developed many close relationships with our patients as well. We strive to make Avita feel like a safe haven full of encouraging teammates, positive ambience, and most important, a place filled with hope
that if the root cause is identified, anyone can heal. avitabydrv.com

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