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Tranquility in the Trees

Treehouse Day Spa Offers Unique Experience

If you're looking for a tranquil spot to unwind after the busy holidays, you'll find it nestled amongst the trees in Dardenne Prairie. The Treehouse Day Spa is the creative brainchild of David Stuehmeyer, who, inspired by the growing trend of treehouse structures, wanted to create a unique atmosphere for his spa customers. He built his treehouse spa on his own wooded property. The second story of the structure operates as a B&B.   

The retired middle-school counselor in the Ft. Zumwalt School District said he was anxious to continue his lifetime commitment toward helping others. “I basically switched from helping young people to helping adults,” he states. He completed his massage therapy training with the Healing Arts Center in St. Louis County three years ago and has been in business ever since.

David offers his spa services on a reservation basis only. The most popular offerings are the Swedish massage and hot stone treatments, which relieve stress and assist in many common ailments caused by repetitive motion.

In addition, the Treehouse Day Spa features hydro-therapy, a soaking tub, and an infrared table that assists in warming the body to prepare for some of the other types of therapy. 

If looking for a truly distinct experience, the Treehouse Day Spa is the answer. The unique atmosphere and exceptional service David offers clients makes this tranquil establishment a required, therapeutic destination.