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How Lynette Kotsay Beard mentors aspiring skin care professionals

Article by Michelle W. Parnell

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Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Motivated by difficulties with her own skin, fifteen years ago Lynette Kotsay Beard stepped away from her previous career in journalism and marketing to become a professional esthetician. “I mainly wanted to figure out why I was always breaking out and why the products I was using were not working,” she shared. “I spent so much time and money trying to clear my skin from acne that it impacted my profession and even my personal life.”

With the support of her husband, Beard went to school to get her license, began focusing on holistic strategies for skin care which encompass diet as well as products to heal the skin, and opened Pure Dermal Care in 2010.

“Like most of the people in my industry, we go into it to help ourselves and then in-turn help others,” she said. “I want to be a thinking esthetician rather than solely focusing on relaxation. We definitely offer relaxation services, but beyond that, to be a problem solver and help other people figure out their skincare challenges.”

“I love to help people transform their skin and also see themselves as part of the solution,” she added. “Our strategies allow us to partner with them in making their skin look as good as possible even if they've had years of sun damage, skin cancer. rosacea, acne, or whatever the challenges.”

According to Beard, it is an exciting time to be part of the skincare industry. People are being more thoughtful in how they study ingredients and skin care conditions, and then using that knowledge to develop individualized plans to accomplish skin care goals. With that knowledge comes the power to make positive changes no matter your age. “There are so many products out there. We try to offer products and services that are effective in helping them with their problem areas,” she explained. “It’s never too late to have nice skin and if you already have nice skin, it’s never too early to begin maintaining it using quality ingredients and quality products.”

Her love for helping others easily transfers to a new outreach Beard participates in for small business owners in Cuba. Since 2017, Beard has made five trips to Cuba which have allowed her to develop relationships with members of the community and grasp the economic struggles faced by so many. In May of 2023, she was asked to take part in a business seminar to inspire locals to grow businesses based on the resources easily accessible and available to them.

“I talked to them about my skincare business and hosted a spa day for about twenty women,” she explained. “I had three women who indicated they wanted to do skincare as part of their businesses. So, I performed a facial on them and then had them perform facials on other women. It was a quick, hands-on training about doing basic facials. That training has led them to ask more about skincare products as well.”

Through this new mentoring relationship, Beard remotely provides additional education, training, and resources, including giving the women access to the Milady Skin Care book used for licensing in Colorado. She has also established the Cuban Skincare Professionals group, an online forum where aspiring skin care providers can ask questions, get advice, and receive coaching. Beard’s goal is to work with these first three students in this pilot program and add others as the program grows.

“I think we all have a dream inside of us and we want to do well,” she said. “They have a lot of barriers, economically and with the government, but they want to change their future. I feel like I can play a part and have a role in that by imparting knowledge based on what I do. I believe that they will all do well and I'm here to be a coach and a conduit for their success.” 

Pure Dermal Care, located at 13235 W 86th Drive in Arvada, offers skin care for every skin type. Skincare and spa services include a comprehensive acne program, HydraFacials, nano hydration treatment, seasonal facials, spray tans, and detoxing ionic foot baths. For more information on services and to browse the many products offered through the online store, visit puredermalcare.com. Appointments can be booked online or by calling (303) 601-3456. Follow Pure Dermal Care on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on special promotions and to see real results and testimonials from clients.

I think we all have a dream inside; and we want to do well.

I love to help people see themselves as part of the solution.

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