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Kathleen Ramsey shifts career from nursing to design

In the world of interior design, the ability to blend style, comfort, and personal expression seamlessly is an art. Kathleen Ramsey, Allied Member ASID and owner of Ramsey Interiors is a remarkable artist in this realm, transforming living spaces into sanctuaries that reflect the unique essence of her clients.

“I have my bachelor’s in nursing and have been working as a Registered Nurse for 20 years,” says Ramsey. “I had always enjoyed decorating my home—my husband called our house “the lab”. At 40, I decided to go back to school and take some interior design classes at JCCC to see if I liked it and was any good. I ended up completing my associate degree in interior design. My background as a nurse has been a huge advantage in terms of organization, people skills and focusing on aging in place.”

Ramsey’s approach to interior design is deeply rooted in personalization. She believes that understanding her clients' tastes and preferences is the key to creating spaces that truly resonate with them. To achieve this, she encourages her clients to gather images from magazines and online sources that inspire them or convey their vision. This initial step helps clients think critically about how they want to feel in their home.

During consultations, Ramsey reviews these images with her clients, pinpointing style and color themes that may not be immediately apparent. She delves into discussions about colors and patterns that resonate with them, taking into consideration the practicality of their choices and the intended use of the space.

Her design process is a meticulous journey, considering factors such as the number of people using the space and any cherished furniture pieces her clients wish to retain. Focal points are given special attention, as they contribute to creating what Ramsey calls those "TA-DA" moments every room deserves.

Inspiration often springs from a single fabric or rug that encapsulates the desired color palette and ambiance. This chosen element becomes the cornerstone of the design, guiding the selection of fabrics and furniture styles to form a cohesive whole. Her education in design principles and elements ensures that every piece plays its part in creating a harmonious flow, where no single element overshadows the others.

One of the remarkable aspects of Ramsey's portfolio is her versatility. She specializes in high-rise, high-end apartments for clients looking to downsize, but her talent extends to crafting stunning interiors for homes as well. Her favorite type of design work is collaborating with clients from the blueprint stage where she can create spaces that truly speak to them.

“I don’t have a particular “style” or look. Working with people to create something that speaks to them, and their lives inspires me the most. Some of my favorite clients have been people who have achieved some success in their careers but have not created a home that provides them sanctuary to recharge. It can be life changing for people. My tagline is “creating interiors that re-energize, inspire and comfort”. That is as true today as it was 20 years ago when I created my company.”

When asked about her favorite spaces to design, Ramsey expresses her appreciation for bedrooms. Often overlooked, bedrooms are spaces of comfort, sanctuary, and renewal. She enjoys the challenge of creating bedrooms that embody these qualities, ensuring her clients wake up to a space that truly rejuvenates them. Close behind are spaces where families and friends gather—the heart of the home. Kitchens, family rooms, and dining areas provide her with opportunities to design spaces that foster connection and shared memories.

Ramsey is currently working on a Plaza condo for a retired couple with a love for art wanting a space to showcase their contemporary collection. Ramsey’s design approach keeps the furniture understated to let the artwork shine while providing an energetic atmosphere.

The second project is a midtown condo, which brings the charm of "Palm Springs mid-century modern" to life. The couple, known for their love of entertaining and quirky art collections, sought a space that reflects their unique style and invites lively gatherings.

Ramsey's natural ability to infuse spaces with style is the hallmark of her talent, ensuring that every project bears the unique stamp of the people who call it home.

“Although I don’t have a particular style, my natural tendency is toward adding color and signature items that reflect the client and their unique qualities. Whether you gravitate to “traditional” or “today”, I can help you add the color, texture, and style to reflect your personality.”

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