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"The Real Always Prevail" Proclaims Clothing From Titans' Cornerback Kristian Fulton And Brother Keith

Kristian Michael Shaw Fulton is a National Football League cornerback for the Tennessee Titans. He's also a clothing boutique co-owner. 

During 2021, Kristian, 23, and his older brother Keith, 26, opened an urban wear boutique in Nashville called The Trenches, located at 906 Buchanan St. This shop encompasses art, culture, community and apparel.

“I’ve always been into fashion, so this has always been a goal for me and my brother, but we knew it would take time to build," explains Kristian. "I wanted to start early and get our brand in motion, while also supporting other artists and designers looking to do the same. I also knew it would be a good way to get connected with my Nashville community during my rookie year.” 

The Trenches actually is considered a boutique and maker space at which a mid- to high-end retailer focus showcases black owned or designed sneakers, clothing and home goods for men, women and youths. The Trenches' unique combination of streetwear, shoes and fashion line, combined with an innovative artistic space, invites aspiring designers and craftspersons from the Nashville community to showcase their work. 

“We want the vibe to be chill, relaxed, streetwear – but it has to be swaggy. Things you could wear to the airport and still make a statement. Everyone should feel comfortable and welcome to show their own personal style," Kristian says. 

Trenches' brands have interesting names, such as:

  • The Trenches Gallery
  • Can't Buy Respect
  • Carrots
  • Museum of Peace & Quiet
  • Kashville
  • Bape
  • Paper Planes
  • Like Sushi
  • Born Savage
  • Ahead of the Game

Offerings span track jackets, hoodies, reflect jackets, T-shirts, sweatpants, shorts and track pants. Accessories include caps, beanies, socks and pins. 

Kristian says he and Keith have received great feedback since they opened. "The store vibe is meant to be family-oriented so everyone feels welcome. Everybody is not going to have the same style, so we want people to come in and feel like they can create," he adds. "It’s amazing to see the way the store has taken off. We have people from all over the country visiting Nashville, and they come by to see us. It’s a great feeling.” 

"For football season, we’ll make sure we have special items for the fans and those who support us around the city. We like to switch it up though, so you’ll see plenty of surprises throughout the fall," Kristian promises.


While at Louisiana State University, Keith Fulton developed a love for art, which would eventually grow into an idea for the layout of the Trenches boutique. Now Keith's interest is on display, by way of the featured artists whose works rotate on a monthly basis inside the boutique. 

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