Travel Buddies

Three great reads for your summer vacays!

Reading has been a treasured pastime for centuries but now, in a fast-paced world where technology thrives, reading is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Reading is rapidly replaced by emails, texts, and emojis which attempt to convey the same expression as words. Ironically, this makes reading even more important than ever. So, why read? 

It's good for your brain. Each time you read, your brain forms new connections. Reading has been shown to help reduce memory loss.

Reading reduces stress and helps your physical body relax. 

It can improve conversational skills. 

It makes you a better writer. When you read, you gather good writing techniques such as spelling, grammar and vocabulary.

It increases your knowledge base. Reading can teach you about the world around you.

It can broaden your perspective. Gathering different points of view on a subject helps make you a more well-rounded individual.

Reading deepens your imagination. As you read, your imagination takes you into another world that engages your emotions.

It inspires you to think deeper about your values and to live a better life. 

It can be a good companion. All you need is a book and a place to read. 

By reading you support the awe-inspiring world of writers and poets. 

Knowing that reading has a physical, emotional, mental and intellectual impact on your lives, here are a few tips to consider:

  • Set a goal to read one book a month.

  • Make reading a daily routine.

  • Find a reading buddy. 

  • Join or create a book club.


Peachtree City author, Sharon Marchisello, cleverly weaves a plot of mystery and adventure on the exotic islands of the Galapagos. A seven-day vacation with her grandmother turns from sweet to sour when twenty-five-year-old Giovanna Rogers is led to prove her innocence aboard a cruise ship after a strange disappearance and murder. Charming and crafty characters among the beautiful rare animals and scenery of the Galapagos will make you view a topical cruise in a whole new light. 


Emory professor, Jericho Brown, stole the 2020 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for his most recent book of poems, The Tradition. This arresting collection presses us to break the mold of our biases and complacency surrounding current cultural crises in our nation. Brown powerfully links provoking images and phrases to lift the mind to enter deep layers of discernment. The Tradition deserves a rightful place on the nightstand for reflection of our past, present, and what the future may bring. 


In her debut, award-winning historical fiction novel, Georgia author, Jessica Handler, recreates a hauntingly beautiful coming-of-age story of Lulu Hurst, a teenager who grew up in rural North Georgia in the 1800s. With the help of her father, Lulu harnesses her unique powers of electricity to captivate her community. The soon famous “mesmerist” can lift men in their chairs but can she use her power to cure her disabled brother? In this special book, Handler successfully connects us to our own quest for discovery and belonging.


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