Travel Tips by Jolie

It's time to book that much needed vacation! Tips from local travel consultant Jolie Goldring

1.    Plan well ahead of time

Jolie emphasizes this important tip,Despite some hesitation amongst Americans we are seeing a massive increase in demand for all things summer. This includes dude ranches out west and classic New England destinations like the Cape, Martha's Vineyard and Maine.” Booking travel now during the holiday season is especially important as many are already scheduling their festive trips. 

2.    Consider domestic travel  

With certain COVID restrictions still in place during the planning season, Americans are looking to domestic tourist destinations more than ever. Jolie expresses this as “one of the only things I can thank COVID for,” the focus on travel throughout the United States. There has been a huge demand for trips to the National Parks in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Aspen, Colorado. Other beautiful places in New England to visit include the Cliff House Maine or the Chatham Bars Inn in Cape Cod. 

3.     Saving money during travel planning

Booking early and asking about shoulder rates is important. The time of year also affects the total price. Jolie says that hotels use dynamic pricing, meaning their rates fluctuate daily, all depending on the demand as well as the time of year. It is crucial to lock in rates early on, to save the most money. 

4.     Hire a travel professional 

Whether you know where you want to visit, or you are not quite sure, travel agents can help you plan everything you aspire to see, fulfilling your wanderlust dreams. With their guidance they will match you with a quintessential destination and make the vacation planning process smooth and easy. Jolie always helps clients find the best hotels, dining, guides and, “immersive experiences so that they never forget a single trip I plan for them.”

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