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Travel without Moving

Bloomfield Hills resident and Birmingham teacher recommends three books to “escape” home this summer.

American author Jhumpa Lahiri once said, “That’s the thing about books. They let you travel without moving your feet.” After the coronavirus outbreak this spring, many in the community are feeling more comfortable staying home this summer but, at the same time, longing for a temporary escape. If you're finding yourself in this situation, we have the perfect cure for you: books. 

“My family and I love having new adventures and exploring new places, but since we can’t do this in real life this summer, can all do this through reading,” Bloomfield Hills resident and Birmingham teacher Crissy Blinstrub said. “Life is a bit chaotic, and we all need an escape right now. Even if you didn’t have summer travel plans, reading in the shade with a cool summer breeze can bring so much calm and peace into your life, and we all need that!”

Blinstrub shared her passion for literacy with the community by recommending three books, one of each age group: adult, teen and youth. All three take place in different settings, allowing readers to temporarily “step out” of the Birmingham/Bloomfield area and into somewhere new.

To learn more about Blinstrub’s love for reading with “a side of novice parenting advice,” follow her on Instagram @thatstorybookmom.

Big Summer

Six years after the fight that ended their friendship, Daphne is shocked when Drue walks into her life, asking her to be her maid of honor. Written by Jennifer Weiner, Big Summer is a great adult novel for those longing to read about family, friendship and what matters most. 

Field Notes on Love

For the teens, Field Notes on Love by Jennifer E. Smith is about two teenagers, both eager to escape their regular lives, thrown together on a cross-country train trip that will teach them about love, each other and the futures they can build for themselves. 

The Penderwicks
Children in fourth grade and up will love reading Jeanne Birdsall’s book, The Penderwicks; however, kids younger than that would enjoy hearing it read aloud. It tells the story of the Penderwick sisters and their wonderful summer surprise: a holiday on the grounds of a beautiful estate called Arundel.