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Traveling Tacos

A Taste Of Mexico City Right Here In Franklin

When Ricky and Olga Hernandez relocated to Franklin a few years ago, they loved its friendliness and sense of community. But there was something missing - they had a hard time finding great tacos.

“We moved to the U.S. 16 years ago from Mexico, so we know what an authentic taco should taste, feel and look like,” says Ricky.

When he decided to make a career change last March, he tried different projects, but none seemed to fit. “Olga finally asked me, ‘What's your dream?’ I jokingly said that I wanted to be a taco guy.”

That was on a Wednesday. Later that night, Olga sent invitations to their friends to come over on Saturday for tacos, because Ricky was starting a business. “I kept hearing his frustration of trying different things and not getting what he expected and decided to go for it with him,” says Olga.

That Saturday, they had a house full of people enjoying delicious tacos. A guest, who was also a neighbor and one of Ricky’s best friends, had a friend who was having a party and was looking for a caterer. “That was our first customer, and since then the Lord has been showing us what steps to take,” says Ricky.

Salsa Franklin Taco can now cater any event with customizable menus. “We’ve learned a lot, and the support of our church family and our community has been incredible,” he says. “But we needed to expand and to be able to operate every day, so we bought a food truck in November.”

It’s a 28-foot top-of-the-line truck with a little back porch where Ricky can grill. “I want to bring that authentic experience from Mexico City where you see the taco guy and the lady making fresh handmade tortillas. I always ask people, ‘Have you ever been to Mexico City?’ and most of them will say no. I then respond, ‘Welcome to Mexico City in Franklin!’”

The couple is working on building a weekly route, but for now, people can find where the food truck will be each day on Instagram.

In addition to Ricky and Olga, their three daughters have also become involved in the business. “Our daughter Sofia, who’s 13, has become an expert at making guacamole,” says Olga. “Regina, our oldest, loves to take care of people, and our biggest promoter is our little one, Carolina, who’s 8.”

“I put the toppings like the red salsa, green salsa, cilantro, onion, and lime on the tacos and give them out to people,” Carolina says. “Their tacos are really good, and I'm not just saying that because they're my parents.”

Sofia loves grilling and just helping out in general. “It’s fun. The tacos are so flavorful and juicy and they leave you with a taste for wanting more. It's my favorite food.”

Every taco is cooked with authentic spices, and Salsa Franklin Taco uses many family recipes. Its number one seller is the steak taco. “We use premium meat - only ribeye and sirloin - so it's not only the flavor but also the tenderness of the beef,” says Ricky. “The chicken is also very tender and the combination of the chicken, bell peppers and melted cheese is incredible.”

Its newest offering is carnitas. It's slow-cooked pork infused with fresh orange and then topped with cilantro and onion. “This business has definitely changed our lives for the better,” says Olga. “We love to see families enjoying some time together, and once we get where we need to be, we will support organizations that are close to our hearts. We have big plans.”


“I want to bring that authentic experience from Mexico City where you see the taco guy and the lady making fresh handmade tortillas." -- Ricky Hernandez

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