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Traveling Trainers

If you are like many Americans, you have made getting fit and losing weight your New Year’s resolution to kick off 2019. Unfortunately, despite good intentions, most give up after a few months, and that is where Traveling Trainers can help. 

According to Traveling Trainers owner, JaCory Marshall, the business initially began in 2014 to help people stay in shape as they travel. In 2017, Marshall brought the company to the Kansas City area and the business has taken off. The company has trainers that go on site and help people stay in shape who are too busy to go to the gym, dislike the gym atmosphere, or simply have no idea how to work out. Marshall says people of all ages and all levels of fitness use the services. The trainers bring all of the equipment, and all that is needed is a 6 x 6-foot area in which to work. They can meet you at your work, your home, at parks, or anywhere the client wants to work out. In addition to the personal training, Marshall says they provide in-depth nutritional consultations -- they sit down one-on-one with the client and outline a person’s day, foods she or he likes or dislikes and the types of foods the client should be eating. In addition, the trainers will go grocery shopping with you, cook your meals, provide meal prep and have it delivered to the home.

The first workout with Traveling Trainers is a free, one-hour session. First, it includes a consultation and mini-workout, so you can get the feel of the program and if it will work for you -- there is no obligation or pressure to sign up. Next, they go over your medical and exercise history to ensure everything is being done correctly, to find out what you have done in the past, and the types of workouts you are interested in doing. During the small workout, they look at what you can and cannot do in order to set up a personalized program and pair you with the correct trainer to meet your needs. Finally, they analyze your nutritional history, and from there they can recommend dietary guidelines to follow. Most people sign a three-month contract with Traveling Trainers to begin with because that initial commitment helps set the stage for further success. After that you have the option of signing up for longer contracts.

Because it can be difficult to keep up the fitness momentum after a few months, clients can rely on several tips from Marshall to help ensure success on their fitness journey. “I recommend an accountability partner,” he says. “This person could be a spouse, child, or friend to either work out with you or simply hold you accountable for not only exercising but also for what you are eating.”

This “accountability partner” can train with you for free. Marshall also recommends cleaning out the pantry and refrigerator. This means throwing out the junk food and checking labels for items with high sugar and carbohydrates. He also recommends setting mini-goals along with the overall goal because he believes that more people achieve success if they do this.

“Those little mini-goals are crucial because it allows people that instant gratification,” Marshall says. “Without those smaller successes, people fall off the wagon.” Marshall puts a reward system in place with the small goals, so people can see that they are achieving some success, which encourages them to stick with it.

Traveling Trainers is a unique, personalized fitness program brought to your doorstep that meets people where they are, and takes them where they want to go every step of the way. For anyone interested in working with Traveling Trainers, visit the webpage at or their Facebook page for more information.