Treat One's Lashes And Brows

Beaudee Lash Bar Technicians Create Stylish Lightness, Separation For New Fall Looks

If "confidence is 10% hard work and 90% lashes," then it's a perfect time while changing seasons to consider ways to enhance one's eyelashes and brows.

For lash extensions/lifts/tints, brow threading/waxing/laminations, as well as lashing supplies, the local Beaudee Lash Bar experts make it their business to help their clients' eyes stand out among crowds every day. 

Deanna "Dee" Ngo, master artist and owner of Beaudee Lash Bar at Village at Newtown, 2138 S. Eagle Road, is certified in classic, hybrid, volume and mega-volume lash sets and lash lifts. Along with her husband, David Ngo, Dee opened their first Beaudee Lash Bar in Northeast Philadelphia in 2016. Their son, Dominick, had the creativity to construct the play on Deanna’s nickname, Dee, to develop the name Beaudee. Over the next several years, Dee and David opened two other locations, including Newtown’s first Lash-only salon in 2019.

For this autumn, Dee says wispy, natural-looking lashes are predicted to carry into a highly desired look. The strip lash look, or "wet mascara look," also can provide a fuller and more dramatic look, she adds. 

"We help clients select the best lashes for their face and eye shapes, and whether they're seeking a dramatic or more organic look and feel," she assures. 

For starters, eye shapes often are referred to as round, almond, hooded, small, monolid or deep-set. "Once we’ve identified the right lashes, we can decide the proper length and curl of them, too, for the most comfortable fit," Dee says.

Beaudee salon manager Juliana "Jewels" Bell specializes in lash lifts and brow tinting, in addition to the front desk operations. She says their team is getting more requests for lash lifts, which is a process for chemically curling existing lashes to give the appearance that they're longer and darker. Lash lifts generally last six to eight weeks. 

The range of lash vibes spans a variety of styles, including flare/cat eye, kitten eye, open eye, natural eye, doll eye and staggered eye.

Beaudee Lash Bar also sells luxury lash supplies, such as lash trays, glues and lash shampoo.


As people age, lashes and brows tend to thin. Beauty experts agree the fastest, most convenient way to look younger is to have lash extensions. Beaudee Lash Bar specialists in Newtown offer a range of services so clients can choose customized styles, lengths and curls. A lash lift and tint adds instant freshness, too, providing a natural, low-maintenance look.    

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