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Treat The WOMAN In Your Life

1)  $395 concrete jungle dress from Any Old Iron

2)  A skincare line based in the Music City.  Dr. Brennan and her team created these gorgeous "Flower Bouquet" cleansing bars with local wildflowers for a beautiful and functional gift. 50% of proceeds from these bars go to Mother to MotherEmogene & Co. 

3) "Bee The Change" Necklace - Designed in partnership with Lexy Burke, this bee charm necklace is an intricate and fun way to remember the impact you can make on others. Just like Lexy invites her TikTok followers to donate literal spare change to bless others through huge tips and gifts, you can make a change through your everyday, small actions.

4) Skin Pharm has teamed up with Nashville’ Thistle Farms to launch the limited-time only Mother’s Day “Only the Best for Mom” bundle! The special box retails for $125 and includes their fan-favorite Youth Serum and Thistle Farms’ Lavender Serenity Soak.

5) "Best In Show" Necklace from Vincent Peach

6) Happenstance Whiskey - Female owned.