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When clients walk into the luxurious SkinLab in Chandler, they will be greeted with smiles and enjoy exceptional service.

“We make sure our clients enter a beautiful facility and feel welcome,” says owner Marichu Evans.

Formerly Pure Organic Beauty and Med Spa, Evans rebranded the company as SkinLab in December 2020. A true medical spa and wellness center, it offers injectables, microneedling, derma facials, and pretty much anything to do with making the skin look healthy and beautiful. There are two nurses on staff, including an in-house nurse practitioner, as well as an on-site medical director.

“What makes us stand out is that we comply with the highest safety standards,” she says. “I believe in medical ethics, so we are not just selling to have revenue. We operate in our clients’ best interests.

“I’m also very proud of my team members and of their skills. My staff is made up of some of the finest trained practitioners, with extensive credentials and medical education. Every month I make sure that we have trainings. I feel that’s important.”

Evans herself takes part in the same training her staff undergoes. In her previous career, she was an engineer and spent most of her time in a lab.

“Now that I’m in the beauty industry and have learned everything and continue to learn, this is my lab,” she says. “I research everything and make sure that what I bring into the business is the best available. We are doing great things and transforming the lives of our clients. It’s very exciting.”

SkinLab offers a complimentary VISIA® skin analysis in order to devise customized treatment plans for its clients.

“It’s very high-tech,” says Evans. “It can go deeper to the dermis, and we can actually count how many wrinkles and how many pores someone has; it can quantify them. We then create a treatment plan, so before we start the treatment, we make sure that it’s the right one. We don’t just hope that our treatments will give them the results our clients expect, we prove it to them. They can come back any time and we will rescan their skin so they can see the difference. We stand by our promise that we’re going to deliver exceptional results to all of our clients. That’s our mission.”

Taking care of our skin is just as important as taking care of other parts of our body, she says.

“Our cell turnover, depending on age, can be fast or slow. We need to take care of ourselves, and having the regular treatments that we recommend can help with the appearance of the skin.”

SkinLab also offers its clients Skin Tribe and Facial Tribe memberships. These memberships have many benefits, including special treatment rates, free birthday facials, exclusive invitations to events, and member access to new treatments.

“I believe that we need to have regular treatments for our skin in order to have the best health for our skin,” says Evans. “That’s why we offer memberships, so our clients can take advantage of savings every month that encourage them to have these treatments. They can have a HydraFacial, microneedling, a peel, or a customized facial for a low price of $99. They’re getting a big savings, and at the same time, are committing to having beautiful skin. If there are months when they don’t come in, they can bank those savings and use them for a higher-priced service like injectables or CoolSculpting®.

“This summer, we are focusing on body sculpting. We have a really good CoolSculpting that is noninvasive and is proven to kill fat. We also now have EMSculpt®, which tones muscles and kills fat.”

She says she is also very excited about bringing in even more devices for the wellness part of the business. There is EmToneTM, which is good for cellulite and skin tightening, and the EMSella® Chair, which is used for incontinence and sexual rejuvenation.”

Laser treatments are very popular all year long.

“We have the best laser machines, such as the Triton laser for hair reduction,” says Evans. “We are also busy doing laser treatments during the summer using HaloTM, but we also have ClearSilkTM, which is a fairly no-downtime laser which is good for summertime. Clear Silk targets redness and provides long-term smoothing out of wrinkles. It’s also great for improving the texture of the skin.”

SkinLab also now offers VirtueRF Microneedling, which Evans says is the top-of-the-line in the market right now.

“It’s painless and we’ve been busy with that, as well. Most female and male clients are getting these treatments, which are good for skin laxity. They can tighten any skin laxity you have under your eyes, on your jowls and neck, and pretty much anywhere on the body. It’s also good for wrinkle reduction and brown spots on the skin.”

She says SkinLab has recently been nominated for best medical spa, day spa, and skin care salon in PHOENIX magazine.

“We have only rebranded in December, and even if we don’t win, it’s such a big honor for us to already have that recognition by our clientele.”

For those not ready to indulge in treatments at the spa, or who want something in addition to their treatments, they can buy medical grade skin products right in the shop that Evans says are proven to be effective.

“And, even if they don’t want any treatments right now, we can still do a free skin analysis for them and recommend the right products.”

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