Tree Care Tips

How to keep your trees healthy: Advice from the pros.

Trees can enhance your property with beauty, shade, tranquility, even home value. Because of this, it’s important to understand the dos and don’ts of tree maintenance.

With more than 17 years of experience and expertise, Amezola Tree Service (amezolatreeservice.com), led by the Amezola family, understands tree health. Using commercial machinery like cranes, bucket trucks and chainsaws, Amezola offers removals, pruning, trimming, land clearing, stump removal and more. 

We asked Roberto Amezola for a hit-list of what’s most important in maintaining the health of your property’s trees. Here’s what he told us.

  • In anticipation of summer rain storms, Amezola says, “it’s best to trim and remove any heavy limbs — especially those close to house, roof, garage, driveways or any other structure to prevent them from breaking and causing damage.”
  • If a tree is dead, it should be cut down as soon as possible. “These trees could be rotting from the interior and hollow. Dead trees are highly dangerous and pose a liability,” he says. 
  • Trimming is essential to having healthy trees and shrubs, Amezola says, to prevent diseases, pests and other ailments.
  • The following are not recommended to be trimmed this time of year, and should be saved for the winter: American elm, oak and white birch, to prevent getting plague. 
  • Pruning is helpful in removing dying branches.
  • “Trees need to be cleaned-up to allow air circulation,” Amezola says, “as they are living organisms.”
  • It’s recommended that pear trees and arborvitaes be topped to prevent breakage.
  • Finally, if you suspect a tree is declining in health, have it evaluated by a reputable professional to see if it can be saved. 

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