Treefort Fashion

Timeless Fashion

Article by Kimber Patterson

Photography by Aaron Rodriquez, Amy Russell, Maggie Mattinson, Matthew Wordell, Peter Lovera

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

Style has no timeline because great fashion looks great whether it's 2021 or 1921.  The best looks always have the same thing in common: They tell the world who you are.  Treefort fashion is Boise fashion.  It says "We're smart; we're casual; we're stylish.  We love our community. We march to our own drummer.  We're comfortable being ourselves. You be you."  

Here's to some of our favorite Treefort Fashion icons of 2019.  Those who didn't just observe Treefort, but who embodied what Treefort stands for: a welcoming festival and a place for everybody.   Thanks for making Boise beautiful.  We can't wait to see what 2021 looks like.  

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